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Known Issues for the Official Beta Maps

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Oct 10, 2005
Known issues for the Official Beta Maps
  • The map preview image on the server browser does not reflect the beta map (i.e. time of day).
  • There are missing ambient sound effects that reflect the time of day changes in VNSU-HueCity.
  • VNTE-SongBe: Northern squad tunnels that are in a previous objective area will be destroyed when the attackers capture a new objective, moving the battle forward.
  • VNSU-HueCity: there is a floating light asset on the street outside objective A.
  • VNSU-HueCity: radios do not spawn at A or F until another objective is captured.
  • VNTE-SongBe: Northern squad tunnels and punji traps appear extremely bright when placed in the shadows.
  • VNTE-SongBe: There are some texture anomalies around parts of the map, they appear as dark spots.
  • VNTE-SongBe: There are some white seams scattered around the skybox.
  • VNTE-SongBe: artillery protection for the VC team appears to not be working correctly after the VC has captured objectives A and B.
  • VNTE-SongBe: US artillery markers on objectives do not clean up when objectives move forward.
  • VNTE-AnLaoValley: the skybox texture appears stretched.
  • VNSU-HueCity: request spooky ability: sometimes when ability is called the announcer voice is cut off for fellow US players.
  • VNSU-HueCity: players who prone under a table in objective E will bounce up and down in third person.
  • VNTE-SongBe: after capturing an objective VC players will sometimes get a notification that they are in enemy territory.
  • VNSU-HueCity: some light shafts don't match the sun's direction.
  • VNSU-HueCity: some light bleed issues around the map.
Not open for further replies.