Known Issues Console - Launch Edition

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Oct 10, 2005
All Platforms:
  • Apex Predator Orca and Sperm Whale will not aggro player if the game is played for a long time
  • Defeated Boss boats do not despawn appropriately
  • On launch of a fresh game, player shark can reach unintended areas before they fully load in
  • Alt+Enter resets 21:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Main Menu humans may flicker during Evening Menu
  • Composite captures fail to stitch correctly to form final image
  • Long load times for death to respawn
  • Bounty Boats have erratic physics when interactive with Player Shark
  • Harpoon projectiles sometimes float disconnected from Player Shark
  • Evolution Menu Shark Scale does not update appropriately from levels 29-30
  • Floating Tree in Golden Shores Golf Course
  • Tree in sign in Golden Shores
  • Able to set multiple Waypoints
  • Getting close to Combat Wildlife causes limbs to jiggle
  • Finish move animation is played when an alligator is killed regardless of Player Shark size
  • Whales(Orca,SpermWhale) do not lose limbs appropriately
  • Attacking Bounty Hunter as Search expires breaks new bounty wave trigger
  • Losing focus on the main menu
  • Players can become stuck in grates when pushed into them by Combat Wildlife
  • Pup Birth cinematic - splash FX plays before pup enters the water
  • Pup briefly visible on screen before entering the water cinematic
  • Chinese - Some untranslated Episode and Mission names
  • Collision issues with grounded ship in Crawfish Bay
  • 2 Loading screen Evolution tool tips are incorrect
  • Narrator and cinematic lines overlap when you defeat Pete and die in a boss fight
  • Map legend doesn't have background on low settings
  • Targeting lasers are present during cinematics
  • Blood stretches on housing in Golden Shores
  • Humans stand up when missing a leg
XB1 Specific issues:
  • Gibs and Gore chunks sometimes stretch
  • Prosperity Sands Grotto causes pink/magenta flashes
  • No Active User not translated
  • Loading screen issues with Sapphire Bay
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