KILLING SPREE (post 'em here)

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 19, 2006
So far my best was when I killed a group of about 6 Russians all heading down the stairs into the wine cellar on Danzig, with a burst from the MG42. They all stacked up by the door and a single second or two long burst mowed them all down.

[tR]Mad Mac

FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 23, 2006
Tampa, FL
I can't read this thread without thinking...

my e-penis is

<----------------------------------------------------------------------------THIS BIG---------------------------------------------------------------------->


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 5, 2006
God, it's got nothing to do about e-peens! Why can't some realise that? Why can't people be allowed to feel proud of themselves when they did something extraordinary? And why can't people be allowed to tell the tale of themselves being extraordinary?

Why IN GODS NAME does some people feel the need to be sarcastic and talk about e-peens whenever people brag a bit?

If you did well, be proud of it and take no heed of those ***holes who get their kicks from putting you down! Every single person on this forum should be allowed to feel good about themselves when they did good!

Ignore Mad Mac and the likes of him. They need to put people down so they can feel better themselves.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 3, 2006
I was a Russian Sniper on some custom map, and I snipe an MG, with my Mosin, then run into the apartment and kill a guy with a pistol, and kill 2 others upstairs. I then go outside, and shot another guy outside. I run into the 2nd apartment, and shoot a guy, then sniped 5 guys from the window, until I reloaded, and a guy runs into the building, and i shot him with a pistol. So it was an easy 11 kills in a few minutes.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 26, 2005
Had an insane run at a custom map (can't really remember the name of it, a bright one with Station TO as a cap point). I had just joined, gotten me the role as axis SMGer. Thought I'd just do a headlong charge to get a grasp of the situation... Moved up, managed to kill an unwary russian in a small shed... Held that ground for a little while and killed an assaulting russian.. Then made a mad dash towards the station, killing one or two on the way, taking one or two out on the lower floor, getting up the stairs and killing three russians in one single long burst. Then I stayed up there, running around like crazy in the capzone picking them off left and right all while trying to get my teammates to come up there to help the cap.I finally got killed in the back while shooting another russian...

Checked the scoreboard afterwards, 13 kills :)