KILLING SPREE (post 'em here)

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FNG / Fresh Meat
May 31, 2006
5 kills, stopped a charge on the Trenches(SnowForestII) then got killed by a Russian MG.
All 5 kills done with a G43 using 1 clip.
Whenever I get a good nice spree going, it seems that it always ends with me being TK'ed. :mad:

I know, I was going on a nice 10 tank killing spree on Arad, shells were bouncing of my tank like the sparks in the factory it was made in, and once I finally managed to get into the South village without another enemy tank to impede my progress. . . a friendly IS-2 takes a pot shot at me from across the map and kills me as I'm capping the South Village.

The longer my killing spree gets, the better chance I have of being team killed at the worst possible time, its my curse.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 3, 2006
Bah, you are all getting killing sprees with SMGs and Semi Autos, thats child's play.

I took out 5 guys with an M38 in Danzig. They are Mostly Semi Auto Riflemen and Assault Troopers too.

Taking out 3 Semi Auto Riflemen who were camping inside a hangar with an M38.

Running around the apartments in Odessa with a Kar98, and bayonetted 3 guys, and shot 3 others.

I took out 2 moving Panzers on Arad-Night with 1 shot each with PTRD. I then shoot a guy who got his head poking out of a tank with my Pistol (TT33), and then I get killed by a machinegun.

Colt .45 killer

Grizzled Veteran
May 19, 2006
YEAH I THINK its definately not random, the better your spree gets, or the better a spot you get, or when you finally flank all the way round your enemies and come up RIGHT behind them. you get tked.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 12, 2006
Lol all ur "sprees" suxorz lol I stayed alive on Beresina for 20 minets defending the farm in that duration I probably killed around 50 ppl and in the end they organized into teams and surrounded the farm came in from both sides for the final fight .... good times


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 21, 2005
IC Battle for Germany, map was Stalingrad Kessel. From the admin office I sniped 49 russians in row over a period of 2 rounds. In the mod days I had a kill spree of 78 on Berlin over 3 rounds.

I witnessed this.
In the summer of 2002 I had a killing spree of 75 in Day of Defeat 1.3


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 15, 2006
I've gotten six with one grenade before.

Longest no death kill streak that I can remember was two rounds of Berlin back in the mod. Russian Sniper. Had 78 kills, no caps, no deaths for the map.

I mostly did that just to see if I could. It's not that hard not to die in this game and still get a decent number of kills. You just have to not be concerned about taking objectives.

That said, I've been known to pull strings of 10-15 kills in a couple of mintues out of my rear. On the flip side, there are times I've died 10-15 times in a row, so it balances out =)


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 15, 2006
Florida, USA
Are these statistics from public servers? Then those mean nothing... But if from clanmatches, thats something! :cool:

Sport.... lemme tell ya something, a kill spree of that magnitude means something EVERYWHERE in the FPS platform. Especially in RO. Makes no difference whether its in a clan match or anywhere for that matter. It is still quite the accomplishment! Also, here is an epiphany for you. Without the public servers, ya got nothing! There is room for and accomplishment achieved by all RO users. After all, its all for relaxation and recreation at its best. :)

As for capping objectives.. sure, that's what it is all about ...but to watch some gutter snipe run around capping just to get points and a win is absurd. It gets the map done in a hurry and accomplishes nothing for all the other players trying to enjoy both the game and the map. The immersive quality of some of the maps is outstanding. ;)
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 21, 2005
funny how all those guys claiming to have 50+ sprees in the mod must have played alone on some servers. The 2 servers that run all the time had stats enabled, and, weird, i see only a handful of guys that even had "godlike" sprees, and thats not even close to 75+.

Cant comment on Ostfront sprees, but from experience i would believe 40 kills (not points) without a mapchange, everything above is either a team full of noobs worse than bots or braggin :)


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 21, 2005
Are You in that Mood Yet!?
funny how all those guys claiming to have 50+ sprees in the mod must have played alone on some servers. The 2 servers that run all the time had stats enabled, and, weird, i see only a handful of guys that even had "godlike" sprees, and thats not even close to 75+.
indeed, I think me, pionier and Sephiroth are amongst the very few who managed to get the "wicked sick" sprees. those are still logged and can be found on


FNG / Fresh Meat
2 with the P08 on Stalingrad-Kessel, I was in the office above the little square of sandbags and two Russians were hiding behind the downed Katyusha.

Popped 'em with my P08, two clear headshots in a row, about 70 meters I think.

And to think I would normally take me at least 12 shots to kill them from there. :D


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 16, 2005
on that legbreaker map, boheme paradise. i was a soviet, assaulting the final hill ( shed hill or something ).
i killed 5 germans by shooting them, then my rifle was empty, but there was another german aiming at me so i charged him with bayonet, he missed and i stabbed him.
then i saw another german drawing a bead on me, so i stabbed him too!
then from my right side there came an mp40 and 2 other riflemen, so i dashed forward, with those 3 shooting at me missing all the time ( i was going sideways for them for cover ) . i stabbed another 2 riflemen in the back, then got to a german smg lying on the floor not noticing me so i stabbed him too...
then one riflemen came down, into a melee fight, i stabbed him too. then running back up, i got sprayed by the other mp40.

adrenalin was rushing so hard:D


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 14, 2006
Once on Beack Assault I got up to the Flak B so fast I don't think they knew what hit them. I sneak up behind an mg deployed out the bunker window and I'm standing right behind him and my hearts pounding. I nudge him with my rifle butt, he turns around only to see the end of my barrel in his face and promptly has a heart attack!:D lol

Seriously I can't think of any kills I had that were cool but I love to demorlize a sniper with a rifle butt to the head. I only wish I could give him a fist to the chops and a boot across the face as I walk away.