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Killing Floor Patch 1058


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  • Oct 10, 2005
    East Coast
    • Removed X-mas Zeds from the game

    • Fixed some languages being unable to select Suicidal difficulty from Solo or Host menu

    • Fixed Steam Workshop from re-downloading and generating temp files for subscribed content every time the game launched (on Windows clients - Mac and Linux update will follow)

    Known Issues:
    • We have reproduced some Mac clients failing to launch into the game in office and are working to address the issue
    • We are continuing to work to address some Mac and Linux clients falling into a non perk progression state
    letters not working

    letters not working

    By the way, are you going to do anything about Cyrillic fonts not showing on the English version of the game? I personally prefer using the English version because of the voices of the characters, but then I can't read or write in Russian when playing the game. I'd really like to chat with the Russian players but can't. Also people's name are distorted and weird if they have some Russian letters or letters with umlauts in them. I can't really use my name in KF or it will be like "H
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    I saw that you fixed 2 out the 3 exploits on KFO-FrightYard.

    But something has to be done on the Crate Job! mission, when a single player is left alive, they tend to just kite everything and some servers dont have map vote or kick voting so then there is nothing to do but just leave the server.
    Especially when its a Medic or Berserker thats kiting.
    A time limit whould be great, until a army of Sirens, Husk, and Fleshpounds spawn to try to kill the last player or really anything like toxic gas everywhere.
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