Killing Floor Incursion Update 1.00.6 (Steam and Oculus) And 1.05 (PSVR) Is Now Live

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Oct 10, 2005
This update adds the following new features:
  • Added the Espire Control Theater functionality.
  • Revamped Free Move to a physics-based system.
  • Reworked all levels to support the new Free Move system
The Espire Control Theater system was developed for the upcoming VR title Espire (published by us here at Tripwire Interactive and coming later this year!). This system allows "virtually" (get it) anyone to use free movement and tweak it or turn it off to their desired or needed comfort zone. As part of this we also changed the way free movement works in Incursion to be a full physics based system, which replaces the previous one which was relying on the teleport system underneath.

This in turn will fix the issue where the non host player in co-op would have issues with Free Move turned on.
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