Killing Floor for Nintendo Switch!?

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Oct 24, 2012
Hello KF-Fans,

I enjoy playing Killing Floor now for about like 10 years or so!?
Killing Floor is one of my few games with more than a thousand hours of playtime and I love it so much. And since I got a Nintendo Switch and don't really play on pc anymore I missed this particular Franchise and always wondered what it would be like to play it on the Switch.

Since Killing Floor 3 is pretty much "confirmed" and I won't be able to "maintain" both platforms I wonder if there's a chance "we Nintendo gamers" would be able to enjoy the Killing Floor Franchise on our platform in the future maybe?

I think that many people still think about the Nintendo Switch as a "kids' platform" and they don't think such games as Killing Floor would be successful. I thought similar before the Switch but things changed and the image of Nintendo's hardware of being "only" for kids changed since the Wii "era" and even more since we saw what games came to the Switch like Doom, Doom Eternal (tba), Subnautica (2021), Payday 2, Mortal Kombat 11, Sniper Elite, Bioshock and so on. Not only did they release their games on the Switch, many of these games were pretty much successful.

I understand that probably nobody thought about porting it to the Switch for several reasons... But!

More and more publishers and game developers bring their games to the Switch not only because the Switch itself sells very well but especially the software.

Then there's of course the real problematic... the Switch's hardware is waaay weaker than the bigger home consoles and even a "half-modern" pc. But there are some modern games that actually work on the Switch. Of course these games don't look as pretty as on the bigger platforms but it works. Some of them even have the cross-play feature. Also in like three years, there will probably be Nintendo's "next-gen Switch" and maybe KF 3 could work on it?

Until then I always wondered how Killing Floor Calamity played. I heard it's actually a great game. The Ouya flopped but the Switch did not. Wouldn't this be an opportunity? I'd be one of the first people buying it. Promise! 😋


I'd love to play KF on my Switch. If not KF 2 then maybe KF Calamity and maybe later KF 3 on the next-gen Switch?
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