Killing Floor 2 State of the Game 2020 By Product Director David Amata

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Killing Floor 2: State Of The Game 2020


As 2020 soon draws to a close, it's important to once again look back at the year to see where the game has been and look ahead to the future for what comes next. This past year has certainly been a challenge for everyone in the world, so right at the start I would like to send a heartfelt thanks to our entire community that has grown and supported us throughout the year. Your commitment to Killing Floor 2 is what enables us to do what we do and pushes us to go on.

This year we added the Epic Games Store to the fold for KF2, which added millions of new owners to the community to experience the special carnage that is Killing Floor. We’re floored (no pun intended) by that many new fans over 5 years after Early Access launch, which brings the total to nearly 30 million people who own a Killing Floor game over the years of the franchise.


Being that this was the first year we partnered with Saber Interactive, we needed to solve unique challenges required to make compelling Killing Floor 2 content while at the same time working across time zones and entirely remotely to develop, playtest, and tune everything we made together. In that context, I’m extremely grateful to the team for being able to adapt to the circumstances while still being able to deliver the usual complement of robust seasonal updates on schedule and up to the high quality standards we hold for ourselves. Congratulations once again, to my Saber colleagues.

Here are the major highlights from the year:

Today’s Killing Floor 2​

Game Updates​

  • Neon Nightmares - March 24th, 2020
  • Perilous Plunder- June 8th. 2020
  • Infernal Insurrection - September 29th, 2020
  • Christmas Crackdown - December 8th, 2020

New Platform:​

  • Epic Games Store



  • Biolapse
  • Desolation
  • Hellmark Station
  • Elysium

Seasonal Zed Variants​

  • Summer and Halloween - Matriarch



  • Compound Bow (Sharpshooter)
  • HRG Incendiary Rifle (Firebug)
  • Single & Dual Glock 18 (Gunslinger)
  • Blunderbuss (Demolitionist / Support)
  • HRG Kaboomstick (Demolitionist)
  • HRG Telauncher (Berserker)
  • Mine Reconstructor (Field Medic)
  • Minigun (Commando)
  • HRG Scorcher (Firebug)
  • HRG Arc Generator (Survivalist)
  • Frost Fang (Support/Berserker)
  • HRG Vampire (Field Medic)

Quality of Life Improvements:​

  • Cross Friend Play between Epic Game Store and Steam
  • Implemented Vivox Voice Chat for PC.
  • Skip Trader Vote Improvements
  • Healing UI Improvements
  • Boss Stomp adjustment
  • Underslung Reload UI
  • Controller Switch Weapon Adjustment
  • Backend Status UI Indicator
  • Store UI Filtering
  • Better Controller Deadzone and Acceleration Sliders
  • Gear Menu Flow improvement
  • In-game discount UI Improvements

New Music​

  • “Reboot” by Rocky Gray
  • “Space Pirates” by Rocky Gray
  • “Legend” by Rocky Gray
  • “Pumpkinhead” by Rocky Gray
  • “Wonderland” by Rocky Gray
  • “Slay Bells” by Rocky Gray

What Lies Ahead​

With the growth and success of Killing Floor 2 in 2020, we’re happy to announce the game will continue to be supported for its 6th Year of Post-Release Seasonal updates filled to the brim with the weapons, maps, events, and quality of life improvements you’ve come to expect. We’ll once again be partnering with Saber Interactive throughout the year to deliver a similar level of content and features to what you experienced in 2020. We think you’ll be excited to see what all we have in store!

As what has become an annual tradition, we also have a new State of the Game survey ready, so you the community, can let us know your thoughts about the current state of Killing Floor 2. Your feedback is invaluable in helping better direct our developers' quality of life priorities to keep the game balanced and fun. The weapon and perk tunes that we implemented over the past year was derived primarily from last year’s feedback. Here’s the link for where you can submit your feedback and suggestions. The survey will be up until the end of the year for you to fill out. Thanks in advance for your time.

State of the Game Survey


Additional Weapons - Our time honored tradition of creating exciting and unique weapons across multiple perks will be in full force. These will come in a variety of realistic favorites, sci-fi experimentations, and jerry-rigged prototypes that Killing Floor’s arsenal is renowned for. We’ll continue to generate new HRG weapons to provide free weapon content to our users to present new gameplay options and functionality within the core meta. As for what’s in store first, I can’t divulge too much but you might want to invest in some ear muffs and brush up on your Newtonian theories.

Additional Maps - A key focus will again be to bring in the creative diversity on offer within our community created maps, elevate them to official status, and apply the careful optimization, clean up, and improvements to keep it in alignment with the high standards we have for all official content. As for a wholly new official map, we’ve planned something that should be out of this world for next year.

Major Events - Seasonal events are foundational to our quarterly updates in which we’ll be looking to expand on existing themes with new twists thrown in for good measure.

Quality of Life Additions - User experience tuning and adjustments are an important pillar of every Killing Floor 2 update alongside new content and experiences. We rely heavily on our surveys, forums, and community interactions to see what requests float to the top. From there, we’ll analyze what’s possible with the resources, systems, and time we have available to implement that community feedback. While not everything will be possible for the team, we’ll do our best to outline the rationale for each decision and how we prioritize our focus within our efforts.

Bugs - Every update comes with a myriad of fixes for both new and existing content. We’ll continue to work towards having a more polished and stable experience with every update. As a reminder, the best way to bring bugs to our attention is through our official forums which are available here:

Official Tripwire KF2 Forums

Continued Polish & Refinement - We've been pleased and impressed to see what Tripwire and Saber have been able to accomplish together in these unprecedented times and going forward we’ll be looking to improve and grow in our relationship to maintain a high quality and push ourselves to greater heights.

Community Interaction - As always we want to hear from you and interact with our community on a regular basis. We’ll be accessible and broadcasting what’s coming with our forums and social media channels where we’ll keep you posted whenever new content drops, any known issues we’re aware of, and what new items we’re working on that we’re ready to share.

Facebook -
Twitter -
Instagram -
Discord -

The community's involvement and commitment to Killing Floor 2 after all these years has been astounding and is the engine that drives our success. We’re delighted to continue to be able to expand and grow these games and keep the player base thriving for as long as we’re able to. Killing Floor 2 has a bright future ahead for 2021 and we hope you’re as excited as we are to get your hands on it.

See you all on the Killing Floor.

David Amata
Product Director
Tripwire Interactive
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Aside from the frost fang, this update is mediocre. I can’t believe y’all followed up a quality map in hellmark with such a bad map in elysium. I’d rather y’all not release content if you’re not going to put out quality work. Just take more vacation time.
Well, why create a survey when you're not going to do anything that pleases players anyways?
You're not doing any rework, you're not balancing the perks, you're not fixing the difficulty scaling in coop, you're not creating new maps, you're not creating a new story mode, you're not creating new objectives, you're not listening to the players' ideas and suggestions, you're not fixing the Boss issues (Abomination insta deaths), you're not caring about new players' opinions, you're not introducing cheaper DLCs, you're not whitelisting mods (CD or True solo etc), you're not nerfing the matriarch, you're not fixing the aim assist, you're not fixing the VS Mode, you're not fixing the empty servers with ghost players, you're not fixing the game crashes (Bugsplat), and you're not improving the gameplay combat system.

I don't care if you introduce a 100 HRG weapons, I just don't care and won't consider them as UPDATES. and the DLC weapons are just weapons that fix the aspects of the badly designed perks so they're playable (Riot Shield and G18C, HRG Arc generator, HRG Nailgun, HRG Incision)

Just give up on the game and let us mod it the way we want because you're not doing a good job and we don't need these updates anyways. I've played on Elysium 2 months ago on an Endless HOE match and don't really need it in the game.
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This was probably the worst update by far (besides the buff for survivalist and for the seal squeal) It just seems like no effort is put into it at all. The map is kinda trash and everyone else agrees. It's also not even a Christmas themed map. Oh and for the love of god stop coming out with more HRG and reskins. We need better updates like fixing bugs, lowering the microtranstions (seriously $10 for the weapon wtf... not even free to play games charge that much), making the difficulty harder, buffing weak perks, fixing the bosses, fixing the zed teleportation, bringing back the old objective mode from Killing floor 1 (this KF2 obj mode is absolutely horrible compare to KF1's), buff Kingflesh pound and Abomination, get rid of those EDARS, Seriously it doesn't suit the game at all it just seems very out of place and the trappers are very annoying, This is suppose to be a flesh eating mutated zombie game, not fighting robots . Overall people have been complaining about these issues for years YEARS and yet you guys do nothing about it to prove the game. You want more money and more players? START LISTENING TO THE COMMUNITY. No instead you like to pick and choose who to listen to and usually it's for stupid **** like another HRG weapon or reskin. The only thing you guys really did was buff 1 or 2 weapons and a perk..
this game is out dated and almost dead on consoles. its time for a change with the new gen. You guys can do so much better with the PS5 and Xbox and to hear another year for a KF2 is just dumb founded, and the prices for the items is way too much, especially with whats happening in the world.
1. Fix the overpowered perks: berserker, medic, and gunslinger. Seriously, focus on game balance. There's a lot to improve.

2. Stop the difficulty from scaling down on Hell on Earth if players die, or introduce a new Hell on Earth+ mode where this does not happen. It should not be potentially beneficial to have players die.

3. Lower the weapon bundle prices if you want someone to actually buy them. I would've bought them all if they were reasonably priced, such as 5€ for a bundle of two weapons, or 2.5€ per gun. At the current price, I will buy none of them instead.
Unfortunately today's game development generation does not listen to the player society and never further develop games as desired.
This is true for most game developers (not just TWI).
No need for useless weapons to pack the game every 3 months, it creates weapons that don't fit the given perk, and just transforms an old gun with new skin.

Create 1 bigger upgrade per year which should always include a new perk that will have 4-5 weapons which is enough for one perk because you can't use more than 2.
Take an example from the kf1 mod makers, there are several servers where 15-20 perk located
They can maintain the interest of the players because they bring meaningful content from time to time
Why TWI can't do that....pathetic
Only the worse than worse content of the paid dlc (at a very high price) the reskin weapons, does not fix game bugs that players report
not to mention the webadmin correction... 🤬
1. Complete transformation of combat medic, eliminate solo skills, currently the medic does not cure teammates because he gains more xp if he kills the zed
2. Eliminate multiperk weapons because it has rendered perk abilities useless
3. Cancel Survivalist perk, because it is a useless perk, and create new perks instead (one per year)
Some example:
  • Snowbug, Icebug or Frostbug© (move all the frost weapons in the game here)
  • Engineer (move all the electric discharge weapons in the game here)
  • Heavy gunner (move Stoner 63A LMG and minigun and creat new)
  • and many other...
4. Remove the all robots and create a new ZED instead
Some example:
  • frost zed
  • teleporter zed
  • poison zed
  • and many other...
5. Fix the current bugs that players report.

I suggest you remove this news because it will only upset experienced players you don't listen to (n)
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I'm ok with the new weapons and maps. In fact, I like them, generally - hell, I even thoroughly enjoy most of the HRG weapons!

But sadly, I can't help to be disappointed overall though.

Mainly because of the continued lack of THOROUGH BALANCING. You really, REALLY need to focus your efforts on the balance in this game, as it is rather horrendous! (I even tried to help you, but you've not even done like 1% of the ideas I gave you here - and as this link's many suggestions show you, this game has ENORMOUS list of balancing issues)
There's so many talents (or as you call them "perk skills") that are utterly useless;
  • Some do NOTHING if you don't have enough dosh (like max ammo)
  • Some only affect certain weapons of the perk. For example: Magsize don't do anything for a bunch of shotguns/underslung options (instead of giving them elite reloads on the magsize option to make that choice fully viable) - Acid Rounds don't do anything for Healthrower or Incision's altfire - Firestorm only affects like 3 guns for Firebug - This list goes on and on and on...)
  • Some are clear non-choices (Hmmm Heat Wave is really powerful and works for all Firebug weapons, or I could choose the Firestorm which is not only weak, but also only works for a couple of guns. What to pick? >_>)
  • Some go againt the perk's philosophy (Like Survivalist, the jack-of-all-trades, yet STILL having the weapon-limitting options on level 5's both options, 10's both options, 20's rightside option and arguably even at 15 due to the forced grenade "morphs").
  • Damage shouldn't compete versus utility, as damage always wins in this game if you want to play to win on the higher difficulties. Make damage compete with damage. And utility vs utility.
  • Some options even have the bottom-of-the-barrel useage of only being useful when spawning in (like SWAT's leftside choices on level 5, 10 and 20)?!
Come ON already! Numbers isn't the issue here, but the entire CHOICES in themselves. You NEED to redesign many talents from the ground up, not just tweak their values.

Also, you've introduced 3 HRG options for Medic, but 0 for Commando and Sharpshooter. That's just clearly biased.

Then there's boring "difficulty" like zed teleportation and spawnrage.


Also, I'm really sad that there's no more PERKS! The Urban Ninja (agile midrange/melee heavyhitter with exotic weapons like kusarigama, naginata, shuriken and whatnot - it's easy to get creative here) and Scientist (offensive debuffing support which takes on the role of using the "scifi" guns, instead of Survivalist) would totally be able to invigorate the game easily for another couple of years, but it's obviously something you wouldn't put effort into now, as this game very quickly faded into a cashcow, sadly. I just feel so disappointed.
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Hey, i'm angry too (for no significant reason though)
Can you shake up your support team, just slightly. Can't get a response for 6 months now.

Good to hear that KF2 will be getting more support in 2021.
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During this year i was really hoping for some changes in how maps feel. I remember in KF1 how each map would have some specific lore behind it, like Wyre for the creation of stalkers, or how we venture down in biosticslab to try stop the production of zeds. Each map (most of them) would feel different. Either with a more cheerful, happy and fun vibes (Christmas maps), more horrid, spooky maps like Bedlam. All of the KF2 maps feel the same :(

In this sense kf2 ends up feeling like an arcade shooter, not a story-told, team-game with horror and gore. The introduction of robots also killed it for me. No longer a monster/clone theme.

Further notes.
- Maybe different audio for different maps?
- Something even harder than HoE?
Wow. I wasn't expecting such a massive uproar... Did I inspire some people? Was the year that bad for everyone? Or maybe are we all fed up by that point?

I won't have time to react to everyone's message individually (although I'd love to : studies are taking much of my time now, hence why I don't partake in the forum activities nearly as often as I used to). So instead I'll just say that I agree with the general consensus, and I genuinely hope that Tripwire will finally come to realize it.

Reading the OP made me furious. Because it really feels like either you're a bunch of hypocrites, pretending to please the crowd while obviously ignoring our pleads and advice. Or you do read everything posted to the forums and simply choose not to care? Or third option : you're being sincere, and scarily delusional at the same time. And I don't know which one of these three options would be the best... or worst.

I think any gamer would rejoice learning that his favorite game will get some more support for a whole extra year. And yet, all the comments so far have been negative... How so? Maybe it is time to learn the right lessons. I won't speak for everyone, but I'm personally tired of explaining.

At a point, it would be wise to either call it quits. No offense. It's perfectly fine for a studio to drop the mic and work on new things. Or reaaaally shake the whole formula. Because at that point we're not merely asking for tweaks... It a full-on rehaul that is needed.

Honestly Tripwire, no matter how nicely you sugarcoat the whole thing : promising the exact same stuff for yet another year is NOT exciting. It actually feels like an insult. Because we've been spending the past few months discussing, debating, proposing, brainstorming, testing many, MANY things. Only to get hit by a faceslap that says "we don't care, we'll do it our own way. The same we've been doing for years"

If the money keeps rolling, then good for you. But I think you lost the respect of many people on that one.
Hey, i'm angry too (for no significant reason though)
Can you shake up your support team, just slightly. Can't get a response for 6 months now.

Good to hear that KF2 will be getting more support in 2021.
We very recently added to support staff. They are doing a great job of clearing our large backlog of tickets but if it's that old, may want to write up a new one and include the ticket number of the original for reference.
We very recently added to support staff. They are doing a great job of clearing our large backlog of tickets but if it's that old, may want to write up a new one and include the ticket number of the original for reference.
That's good to hear. This team does good job, indeed. I already got my issue resolved just a few days ago, thank you :) I probably should've edited my OP.