Killing Floor 2 Halloween 2021 Beta 1

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Apr 9, 2015
Whats the logic of perk progress ban in netherhold?
I have picked some weapons and used them without problem, but now I just picked few for sell and perks went back where they were before map play.


Jun 19, 2015

I have written this under "Support" as well.

But for Beta 2.. or final release, can you please lock in the software that when in the menu before accessing gameplay the FPS is max 30 or 60... atleast not more than 60... or give us an option to choose. (should just be locked... no point with more than 30 to be honest for menu)... My GPU is spitting out 350+ in the menu and heating up like f... It has always been like this with all my GPUs as I can recall.. but now I want to get it fixed.

Again.. 30 or max 60... nobody needs more FPS than that in the menu.
If somebody for some reason complains, then we should get the option to choose under VIDEO max fps for menu (like PUBG did)

I have also been into the kfe...ini file an locked FPS to 130. But this only affect gameplay..
So if its more simple and faster fix, add a new line in the ini file where we can "edit" the menu specific FPS as well ? :)

Thanks for listening :)