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Killing Floor 2 Discord Ban (Hacked)


I was banned from the KF2 discord a while ago. My account was hacked but I now have 2-FA enabled. If you search my history of messages (benny#3538,) you'll see several years of positive posting and interacting with the community, KF2-oriented memes, you know, stuff any gamer would probably post. No drama or fights or anything of the sort. Too old for that.

Whoever got ahold of my account posted bogus nitro gift scam links. It should be abundantly clear that it wasn't me. How does one go about getting invited back to the discord? I miss talking with the other gamers, having good discussions about Zedternal configuration, perk metas, and interacting with a couple of content creators.

If you want a legitimate reason to reinvite me back - it's because I may be the only one out there who actually knows the resource cost of a fleshpound. Come on. Invite me back. :ROFLMAO:✌️

Thank you for reading.