Kicked for idling... thoughts?

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Nov 21, 2005
Co. Antrim, Ireland
I have this enabled on our server atm but some of our guys have reported that sitting in the same place for too long (eg with MG) results in a warning of an imminent Kick for Idling.

Is this not supposed to happened if you go afk or make NO movement at all? Does reloading a weapon or going on / off Iron Sights not constitute "movement".

Does anyone know how to overcome this i.e. what is "movement"?

For now I have it at its max setting (300secs) but am considering removing the time limit altogether (0secs).

L etranger

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Feb 23, 2006
I put it to 300sec too (5 minutes). One time i joined a server and with the time i choose my class and wait for respawn as a spectator, i got kicked for idling, that was fun.