KF2 Guides and Takedown combos

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Sep 8, 2019
Advanced take-down combos on big zeds in KF2 have always been a kind of mythical knowledge, where only the select few that have thousands of hours in the game would know (and even then those with that kind of experience often don't know all of the takedown combos). There may be plenty of guides on how to play certain classes properly, but most of the things they teach can be learnt just through experience and trial and error. Specific combos for killing big zeds are not well documented, and the only way to find out about them are to scrounge the internet for the combo you're looking for. For new players who know little about the game, learning the most effective way to take-down big zeds can be damn near impossible.

Today, I aim to remedy that. I've set up a Youtube channel that is dedicated to take-down combos and how to use the weapons of each class most effectively against big zeds.

This is the latest video so far; A Bezerker guide that show all possible take down combos for every melee weapon.
However I've also posted a Demolitionist takedown guide, a SWAT takedown guide and a Field Medic support weapon overview. In time I plan to make a guide for every single class.