KF2 DLC weapon skin issues.

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Mr. Al

FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 10, 2021
For the longest time I've had this weird issue where I can't equip the default skins for the Ion Thruster and Rhino DLC weapons in Killing Floor 2.
But when I finally gave in and made a support ticket and got a response that my ticket is "forwarded for further assistance". That was two weeks a go, I haven't heard a peep.
Honestly, I didn't expect them to provide any help. Which is pretty sad, when you instinctively have no faith in a company's customer support.
Is TW support really dead? Anyone who could offer any insight or experience as to whether or not there is a point to me waiting for them?


Grizzled Veteran
Sep 20, 2015
It's not dead.
Just overloaded.... They did add extra workforce recently to the support team, that is going through massive backlog of support tickets.

Have you tried to just unequip the current skins on those weapons?
It should revert itself to a default skin that way

Mr. Al

FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 10, 2021
Thx for the tip, it worked! how come I never thought of that myself!?


In Soviet Russia, Yoshiro is a cake
Staff member
Oct 10, 2005
Can you let me know what your ticket number is, our response times are not that large at this point and I feel like your ticket may have somehow slipped through our system unnoticed and I want to check in on what happened.