KF redirect: It's just not working

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Apr 10, 2015
If this goes on, I'll commit Sudoku.
I have done this a thousand times, and I re-checked things a hundred times more. Yet it's just not working, no matter what.

- Set up server with Steamcmd, ran it, all fine.
- Installed mods, copied uz2 to domain's html folder for redirect.
- Added redirect URL to .ini, restarted server... aaand no effect.

So what I tried:
- chown my user for my home folder, www-data the /var/www.
- Try downloading by URL in my browser - it works for _every_ redirect url.
- Using kind of redirect.
- Using http://server.com/folder kind of redirect.
- Using Amazon S3 + static enabled + make files public enabled.

I think there is no redirect at all, because there is no 'flash' as there was - when I connected to a server with redirect.



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Dec 16, 2010
Try an ip for the redirect and end the url with a "/":

Don't know what you mean by flash. If redirect isn't working, you'll find downloading a small file, like 100kb, take a long time. And the percentage downloaded will go beyond 100%.

As long as you have public read attribute set to the uz2, it should be fine.

Also you said you use the html folder. But you list a separate "folder" in your redirect. Are you using the base html, or are you using a folder inside html?
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May 3, 2012
High Point, NC
Linux? You're editing the wrong file. Make sure you're starting the server with -nohomedir at the end of the startup line. Otherwise you need to find the .killingfloor directory and edit the file in the System dir inside it.

Also needs a trailing slash on that URL.
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