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Oct 9, 2010
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Dec 17, 2009
Haters gonna hate. Voted you up to counter it. ;)

True, like birds have to fly, but atleast it's not annoying when they do as compared to haters when they hate. Oh and thanks for voting me up, but I really don't care how many upvotes I get, it's just downvotes that get to me. Often I know when I'm post something stupid and I deserve downvotes, but if I just make a simple thread or post in these forums I got downvoted without a reason. Well there is a reason, it's just not logical at all.
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Nov 23, 2009
Very nice map! My only suggestion would be make a deco layer for the grass. This will decrease load time and allow you to put more grass on the ground to make the map appear to be even more realistic. It will also make it easier to put grass in the map as you can use the paint tool in the terrain editor to place grass/plants on the ground.


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Jun 17, 2009
hi fren

i had a couple of goes with the map on different difficulties and with 3 to 8 players.

the map is pure eyecandy;) very nicely done.
the map is gameplay-wise straight boring.:( (sorry)
if u camp the upper tunnels (same level as cave-shop) the zeds "drop" in more or less one by one. no overwhelming moment.
very long lanes, upper tunnel and tunnel to the canyon, so sharpies can pick off every threat from distance. combined with next to no spawn from traintunnel its a piece of cake to hold there.

patty-AI has serious problems with the legde stair combo by the caveshop. if he apporaches from downside (traintunnel) u can shoot him from above. if he trys to shoot back one simple step back provides all the cover u need. so u deal enough dmg to make him run. he runs down the stairs and stops to heal still in sight and range so hes a sitting duck.

improvements could be:
an optical barrier to make clear the traintunnel is no way to go.
heavy spawn in the traintunnel (i know its hard to achiev cause the AI has a mind of its own)
some method to spawn zeds in on the inside of the tunnels (the infamous hole in the celing for example)
maybe block the ledge to the cavetrader during waves.

keep up the good work

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Jan 6, 2011
Nice map with both good visuals and gameplay. But I think you should add one or two trader points, because two seems not enough.