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May 23, 2009
This mod is a port and heavily modified from Unreal Tournament 2004's Doom 3 monsters pack by INIQUITOUS (download link for that pack is dead).

This monster pack contains nearly all monsters from Doom 3 and Doom 3 RoE including a mutator to add in them to KF waves.

To activate this mutator, add "Doom 3 Monsters Mode v 0.4" to mutators (or ?Mutator=Doom3KFBeta4.Doom3Mutator in URL).
You can configure following on the mutator from Doom3KF.ini:

This controls the time range in between how often a Doom 3 squad will be added to the game (some monsters are really though later on so don't keep it too low).

There should occasionally come in boss monsters in later waves.

The definition (in percent) when is the later waves when bosses should appear in (0 = appear since first wave, 1 = appear only in last wave before patriarch).

How big chance there is for the later wave to be a boss wave (0 = never, 1 = always).

When it is a boss wave, reduce wave size of normal monsters by this much (0 = no other monsters, 1 = full wave).

This adjusts the additional health percent bosses get per additional players to 1 (0.0 = no additional health, 1.0 = double the health for each player).

This will add sentry bot to trader, HOWEVER if you run other mutators that replace shop items this may break those. So disable this one in that case and add Doom3KFBeta4.SentryGunPickup to the buyables list of those other mutator/s.

Can be used to define which map/s are large ones (you can add multiple of these lines).

Large boss classes (only to be spawned on large maps).

Normal boss classes (to be spawned in any maps).

Monster classes to be spawned throughout the game, they appear in that order they are defined in the list.

Optional replacement for Patriarch on small sized maps (can be any of the doom 3 monsters), multiple lines can be used to randomize.

Optional replacement for Patriarch on large sized maps (can be any of the doom 3 monsters), multiple lines can be used to randomize.
Sentry bot's per hit damage from his chaingun.

Total amount of hitpoints the sentry bot has.
Note: this version is still a BETA, some monsters may need some balancing and tweaking yet.

None yet.

Download links (chose one)
Full download - Download this version if you don't have this mod before and you want everything needed to play it.
Patch download - Download this for the only modified files which will patch on to old version.
Ragdolls data only - Download this for supporting ragdolls only (so that you can see them when joining an online match).

Version history
Beta 4.0:
- Added sentry bot which can be purchased from the trader (a robot which will follow you around and aid you in the combat).
- Tweaked the monster balancing.
- Changed so Archvile/Hunter berserk/Hunter helltime does fire damage (thus putting you on fire).
- Changed that Hunter berserk is not invulnerable in any other parts of his body, his weakness is only his heart now.
- Added ragdolls (not all of them were able to get one because of bugs in UnrealEngine 2 karma support).
- Updated mutator so you can chose what monster classes to use and you can optionally chose what maps are large maps where only large bosses spawn in.
- Added hi-res skins which were made by [WPC]Hemi.
- Fixed glitch where wave would get stuck if spawn delay was set to too low.
- Improved headshot detection.
- Fixed so that you gain headshot kills on your perks when your last killing blow on the monster was a headshot.

Beta 3.0:
- Added bosses Berserk Hunter and Invulnerability Hunter.
- Added option to change bosses per player health scaling.
- Fixed some broken animations/FX on Maledict.
- Made some bosses like Cyberdemon/Helltime Hunter/Vagary get harder when they run low on health.
- Gave monsters ability to teleport if they are stuck and can't find player (eg: AI path is too small to use for the large monsters.

Beta 2.0:
- Released to public.

[WPC]Hemi for the hi-res skins.
INIQUITOUS for the original UT2004 mod.
Id Software for the original game.
Anyone else for testing this mod and giving me feedback and suggestions.

Want more challenge for a 30-player server?
Download hard mode mutator here, it'll give legendary stats for the doom 3 monsters.
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Mar 17, 2010
Wow thanks, even though the models hardly fit into KF it adds some nice variation into it. +1


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May 6, 2010
I like it, its great for me to have new monsters, il take further testings soon, in my opinion its the best mutator/mod i have seen for KF, thank you Marco.

Here is a video of all D3 monsters, for people that dont know them yet (me)
YouTube - all monsters of doom 3 and doom 3 roe

I was going to take screenshots but my KF is lowest graphics and makes everything look bad, but here is just one to have an idea of what this mod is, just dont judge the quality, and thank you Inquitious!


Btw, i hope you bring the "awfully powerfull" monsters, i would REALLY enjoy enemies like those, the Fleshpound doesnt scare me anymore, i need something bigger, faster...

Please keep developing.
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Jan 6, 2011
Michigan (USA)
very nice, thank you. Will post feedback later. Thanks for including mutator customization in this one, i always appreciate that level of control :)


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Jan 26, 2010
This is pure awesome! Well done Marco. All we need is some good old D3 Maps to hop around in. Im up for recreating assets for sure :). I think a SP map would go great but I was also a huge MP fan, so Edge, Frag Chamber or Delta Labs would be awesome.


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Feb 18, 2011
Marco, I applaud your genius and then some. Thank you for making my crummy day end so well by releasing this. I will surely be having fun myself with this so badly. I've been looking forward to trying this out for quite a while now. Keep up the good work.


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Aug 26, 2009
Marco, well done. Running the mod on my server if anyone is looking. Central US based.

I take it back Marco, it is exceptionally well done. Another fine release good sir and it makes me giddy that it is still a beta.
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Oct 12, 2010
Evil Lair
Need help

Need help

I am having a issue with this mod. I am also have the same issue with the x-mas zed mod. The creatures will not display at all! I can select the Doom mod and configure but the skins don't show up at all. I have a pathetically weak system so I keep the effects toned down, could this be the problem? I did a search and found nothing on the topic. Any help appreciated.


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well I downloaded for solo....and disaster ensued.

I had tried making bosses spawn from wave 2 onwards on a beginner medium game, just to see what they can do.

Well, wave 2 I nearly got trampled by a massive boar that shot flying eyeballs, but managed to wear it down over some time to victory. I was surprised by how difficult it was, even on beginner.

Wave 3, I couldn't find the damn thing until I checked the cellar....and then I realized it was a Dragon that had spawned in that little crawler-esque spawn in the back. It had dangerous attacks but very little health, and the clutter prevented it from sending firewaves in my direction.

Wave 4, I attribute that going outside forced the thing to spawn elsewhere, so I go inside...and it spawns right next to me, in the house. I can barely make the giant out, and its back is forced towards me. I go around the house to the front to get a better look and discover it's 2 cannon-arms are free....and it promptly insta-slaughters me :p.


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Jan 6, 2011
Michigan (USA)
This mod is increasingly epic. I feel like i need to be using a full auto.50 cal just to kill some of these things! I don't have enough ammo!!! Great work, Marco, absolutely amazing.


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Feb 18, 2011
Right, well I've tried playing it for a while myself now. I've been running into problems when changing about the settings so more Doom 3 enemies spawn versus KF enemies, since the default ones bring next to no Doom 3 monsters into play at all. IE: At default you Might get 1 D3 monster every other wave and usually boss monsters only after wave 4 starts and up. Either wise default doesn't bring much. But when I lower them much further than the default, one thing always happens. The end of the round can never happen.

I always somehow end up with either 2 to 6 enemies left on the counter, but none to be seen anywhere. I turn up my volume in case they might be stuck somewhere, but to no avail. They just don't plain spawn. Is there any way to fix this and is some optimal equilibrium settings to put the maximum / minimum spawn time for Doom 3 monsters so there's a decent enough amount of Doom 3 monsters without the end of the round getting borked?
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