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Mallius Insanos

FNG / Fresh Meat
Release Date: TBA

Status: Playable Alpha (Terrain still under construction)

Current Build: 0.63

This underground facility was Horzine's primary data storage and business archives until the outbreak. You and your team were originally assigned to investigate the facility for more information on the specimens still ravaging England. Unfortunately, as it has only now become clear, the complex was also used to store successful experiments and the cloning technology used to create them. With the elevator wrecked and reinforcements hours away, you have only one choice; to fight for your life.


This is a map project I started at around the time I discovered the SDK. I've been working on it for the past few weeks and I like what I've gotten done so far, so I've decided to make it public. It's still in its alpha stages, but it's very playable; it's noded, has spawns and traders, and has plenty of room to maneuver when Fleshpounds start showing up. Provided, of course, that you're near those open areas - the Hard Data Storage rooms can be a deathtrap in those situations.

DOWNLOAD HERE (Filefront) - Horzine Archives

Expected Work:
Finishing up the Business Archives - Done

Prettying up the Business Archives

Starting and finishing the Containment Labs

Making the map fuller - This is where I'd like feedback. Some places feel a bit empty for their volume, but others don't. I want to know what seems like it could use that extra bloodstain, severed limb, or random trash.

Optimizing the map - Going to need feedback from the minimum-speccers out there. The map runs fine for me, but I have a decent rig and the friends I've tested it with haven't had problems. Still, I can think of ways it could be better, I just need someone to let me know if it's worth the effort.

Balancing the map - I have some rough ideas, but input is always welcome. I know, for instance, that the Lobby is a bit more favorable of a position compared to, say, the Business Archives.

Bug fixes - I want this thing to be as polished as it can be when I get the full version out. If you see something screwy, hit me up.

Recognized Flaws:
Tall specimens, such as Bloats, or specimens in mid-air may clip through the ceiling. Unfortunately, this cannot be fixed as it would take too much time and partially do away with the cramped environment I want this map to have.

Certain objects, like some of the file cabinets in the Business Archives, might have some unusual triangle-shaped bugs with the lightmap. I don't know why and I don't know how to fix it, so I'm just moving any statics that end up looking like that - for whatever reason, moving them seems to fix them. I'll try to be considerate to the pathways they might end up obstructing.

The bedframe that falls over to let allow you into the Business Archives trader section still does a strange flip when it opens. I'm still scratching my head over how to get that fixed. If there are any experienced mappers out there who know how to fix this, the help would be greatly appreciated.

The AI can be a bit stupid when dealing with the small hallways that abound the level, but no more stupid than it is with doorways in normal Killing Floor maps, so that's something I can only ease. Another oddity is how often gorefasts tend to slide around without playing their walking animation, but that's nothing that'll really affect gameplay unless you catch yourself laughing at it instead of shooting.

Public Map History: (Updates and such)
05/30/2009 - Uploaded to Filefront in alpha stage, release thread posted.

06/04/2009 - Update: Alpha 0.63 released, uploaded to http://www.thekillingcrew.com.

This is my first actual release, so don't hit me if it's not everything you've hoped and dreamed for. I'd like to think I did fairly well for my first actual map.
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Mallius Insanos

FNG / Fresh Meat
I'm aware of the clipping issues, but I don't want to do away with that claustrophobic feel the map has to it. I like it small and it'd take too long to fix that.

In other news...


New Rooms:
The barricaded room visible from the dark Business Archives room is now accessible. It can be reached via the new processing room South of Business Archives A.
An unfinished security room has been created, but is currently bare. It can be accessed by the door South of the entrance to the Hard Data Storage rooms. Just remember that specimens can still spawn from that room despite its dark, undetailed appearance.

New Pickups:
Find them yourself. There are three in total, going to be more later. Keep in mind that weapons do not respawn, so there's no use camping them.

The trader door now falls sideways instead of back. Still doing that screwy, gravity-defying flip, though.

A few file cabinets are now overturned. Mostly to fix the lighting issues.

Some clipping issues have been fixed. The playerclip area in the dead-end section of Hard Data Storage D has been fixed to better fit the cabinet that's blocking the way. This should, hopefully, alleviate some of the reports of clipping issues I'd been getting about that thing.
A light that was causing some annoying clipping issues in Hard Data Storage C no longer has any collision. It might look a touch odd, but it's a lot better for people who use that overturned cabinet as cover.
Some playerclip was also introduced into the previously inaccessible barricaded Business Archives room to prevent climbing onto the pushed-aside barricade at its Western end.