Issues with Patch 1.03

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Mar 7, 2019
The PS4 version had some serious issues last patch and I'm not sure if patch 1.03 did anything to fix the issues.

- Rooftop Races specifically still has the issue whether it's impossible to get 1st place because the AI just rubberbands halfway across the track for no reason at all.
- Split screen runs significantly worse. Feels like the game is struggling to even run splitscreen (this happened on 2 player). The framerate is kind of absymal now and makes the game much harder to play with friends.
- Weapon accuracy in splitscreen mode is completely out of wack now. You'll have take my word for it but it's far more unforgiving to use guns compared to solo play. There are rare times when the reticule will even turn red as if I hit my target (despite missing) but no name pops on the bottom of the screen to indicate damage or kill. Seems off center sometimes and other times you'll literally have a shot lined up only to miss.
- Despite the changelog specifically addressing the Cash Money trophy, it's still unobtainable. One user on PSNProfiles mentioned doing 10 runs with over 100K each and still not unlocking it. I personally attempt it but the game crashed before I even got out of Reaper territory on my 2nd run. Asking prepatch players to restart everything from scratch for such a grind of a trophy is kind of a kick in the nuts. The unlockables aren't particularly easy or quick to unlock either for that to even be a worthwhile sacrifice. It would help if the trophy was more specific considering it only accounts for how much money you have on hand at the end of a run I think? Is the how much earned in the run? Nobody knows.
- Random crashing and sometimes a deteriorating framerate the longer you play. Not sure why this is happening.

I hope I haven't come off as nagging but as excited I was for the mew patch to clean the game up, certain issues persist plus new ones with every new patch.