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Issues on Switch Version


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Dec 29, 2021

A buddy and I picked up a copy of the game and have noticed a few bugs. I will state that the switch is up to date as of today and so is the game.

  • Multiplayer permanent power up issues - we've noticed an issue where, while playing local co-op multiplayer on campaign, health/nitro permanent power ups are not shared, only player one gets the benefits. Things seem fine with other power ups such as vehicle unlocks, weapon upgrades, etc and are shared between all players. Information on steam forums suggest this should be shared.
  • Weapon upgrade issues when using permanent weapon powerups- we noticed an issue with the permanent power power ups related to starting with leveled up melee weapons. The icon for this a 'hand holding a rod' and on the right half of the screen. The power up itself works as expected and upgrades the starting weapon to tier II, but the weapons cannot be updated to tier III during campaign play. The upgrades for tier 3 will show post campaign level with 3 stars and a price of 3600, but cannot be purchased. When trying to purchase the game plays the sound you hear when you don't have enough money to make a purchase(we tried the shovel and pipe wrench, both had the issue). We also noticed this issue when we started a game from chapter 6, so that may factor in as well.
  • Game crash - we also experienced a handful of crashes while playing. The crashes were intermittent, but always after picking temporary power ups, and proceeding to the next chapter. Instead of the next chapter loading, we would get a generic error stating the software encountered an issue and would return the switch to switch menu.