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[Image] Is there any pic of TWI


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Jan 18, 2010
I do wonder what that large red button does. :confused: And yeah, show us more pics! :D


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Because this one was gonna be posted sooner or later...

what was his reaction to seeing this, by the way....did he ever end up seeing it, actually?:p

Also, you would be dissapointed by the appearance of TWI HQ; no it is not a playboy mansion filled with Russian war veterans, British soldiers, and Wilsonam mega-babes. It is in a church.
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Oct 13, 2005
Florida, USA
(putz's photo here.. truncated because isa too big mang)
It's true, the employees at Tripwire consist only of Ramm, Alan, Yoshiro, a half-liter mug of beer (of which make I forget), and a Belgium Double (iirc).. You'd be amazed how well beer can actually make textures and model... I was frankly very surprised!

I believe Putz has some other pics of TWI emps, but they might not be suitable for public display.. (ie: please don't put the one with me in it.. :] )