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Dec 25, 2006
Category: code/animation

Description: bullet does not go where ironsights point, but closer to center of screen. This happens when sliders for ironsight zoom scaling have been adjusted to positions other than 1 (obviously it happens with those weapons for which the sliders have been adjusted), and when the ironsights point anywhere but the screen center (the more off-center you point, and the smaller zoom scale value, the larger the deviation). This is because the ironsight free aim circle (the 2d circle you can draw on your screen to indicate how far a gun can drift from screen center) for visible ironsights seems to be the same for all zoom values, which causes the free aim cone angle to be larger for smaller zoom values. But it is the free aim cone which should be constant, so smaller zoom should give smaller free aim circle.

Reproducibility: always

Reproduction steps:

-set zoom scale for any weapon group to anything below 1 (0.1 gives the biggest deviation), go into the game, select weapon from that group

-bring up ironsights, move the view till ironsights are at the edge of the free aim circle

-shoot, note where the bullets hit (will not be where ironsights are, but closer to center)

-press shift for sprint zoom, note how ironsights don't move relative to screen, also note how the point where ironsights aim at moves in-game, to where the bullets were initially hitting

Note: if zoom scale slider is set to 1, ironsights are accurate, also going from normal ironsights to shift zoom works as it should.

I believe this problem is what causes most "hit detection" issues for many players. If your zoom sliders have been adjusted at all, at any time you aim anywhere off center with your gun, the bullet impact point will be off the ironsights by some amount which depends on zoom scale settings and how far off center you are.

Quick and dirty fix: set zoom scale values for all weapons to 1.0

P.S. It would be nice to have a "0" setting for zoom scale, for no zoom at all, because 0.1 still gives some zoom. That is once this issue is fixed of course.


First screenshot shows where the gun points with zoom slider set to 0.1 and being at the edge of free aim circle.
Second screenshot shows where the "real" gun points, i.e. where the bullets will go. This is achieved by pressing shift zoom without moving mouse. Note how far apart the 2 points are.


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