INI file updates for new patch and Steam functionality

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Tripwire Interactive President
Oct 11, 2005
Hey all,

With the release of the new patch at any time now, there have been some updates to mod functionality. This applies only to total conversion mods. The file which used to be called UT2k4Mod.ini will now need to be called ROMod.ini to function properly. So if you are working on a total conversion mod, please rename this file.

The other nice bit of news, is that Valve are currently looking into having RO mods show up in the Steam games browser (just like Source mods do). To support this potential functionality, there are some new fields that you need to add to your ROMod.ini so that it will be able to be used by the Steam UI when/if this functionality comes online.

Here is a descriptions of the new fields added for Steam UI functionality:

ModIconTga - the icon that Steam would use for your mod in the Steam games list
ModManual - a web link to the manual for your game (if you have one)
ModDeveloper - the name of your mod development team

Here is an example of what the contents of the ini should look like:

ModTitle=Red and Green RO Mod
ModDeveloper=RedGreenMod, Inc.
ModDesc=This is an uber cool mod where you do uber cool stuff
ModCmdLine= -log=../RedAndGreen/System/RaG.log -ini=RaG.ini -userini=RaGuser.ini


- The ModIconTga should not contain a file extension, and indicates a path relative to the mod's directory to find the Targa icon file. So in the example above, we'd load the icon <mod dir>\icons\redgreenicon.tga.

- The icon for the Steam games list will need to be a 16x16 pixel tga (optimised for display in the games list).

Like I said above, there is no set time frame for this Steam functionality, but any team doing a total conversion mod should add these ini settings now so that as the functionality is developed your mod will take advantage of it.


John Gibson
Tripwire Interactive


In Soviet Russia, Yoshiro is a cake
Staff member
Oct 10, 2005
This is now functional with the last Steam update!