[Error] Ingame voice chat broken

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Feb 23, 2012

since 2 or 3 days I've got suddenly a problem with ingame voice chat.
It is not working anymore in OST/DH/MN.
I did not changed anything, nor my computer is much different than 3 days before.

In RO2 for example, everything can understand me, so it is not the mic.
If I push the voice chat button in OST/DH/MN, than, so my choosed option, the game is silenced a little bit.
But I dont see the voice sign in the right base line.

Yesterday I went into DH on some map, I tried the voice chat in the beginning and it worked.
But after 2 minutes it was the same not working problem as suddenly before, for the rest of the long match......

....whats happend?

Secondly, the game never find the public channel, only team channel was found......before, when it was working.
Now off course both not.