Incursion Update 1.00.6 (Steam) and 1.00.5 (Oculus) Is Now Live

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Oct 10, 2005
The changelog is as follows:

New Features
  • New Holdout Map: Crucible
  • Windows Mixed Reality headsets now supported on Steam
  • Steam: Added subtitle and interface localization for English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, German, and Russian
  • Oculus: Added subtitle and interface localization for English, Spanish and German
  • Smooth Turning now fully supported in multiplayer
  • New and improved Sniper Rifle aiming system

  • Freemove multiplayer experience improved. Freemove and Smooth Turn speeds are now significantly increased.
  • Improved sniper rifle bolting on Vive/Windows Mixed Reality: there is no longer a delay after firing for the trigger hand to release so you can work the bolt. Now releasing the trigger will automatically release the trigger hand so the player can work the bolt. The player can continue to hold the trigger down to get a better view of their kill!
  • Improved inventory handling on Vive/Windows Mixed Reality: players can now holster weapons and items with a trigger pull[/color]
  • Added the ability to "Exit to Main Menu" on the Home menu from the Settings menu[/color]
  • Flashlight trigger now toggles between all modes. (On->Scanning->Off)

  • Fixed stuttering movement in multiplayer for free moving players during zed time
    Collision fixed on the catwalks on the rooftops in Paris for Freemove
  • Friend's Leaderboards are fixed, are now quicker to populate