In Game Voice Chat Investigation

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 11, 2020
We are investigating reports of remaining voice chat issues in game. Could you please provide us with the following:

What exactly is the issue you are experiencing?
Screenshots of windows audio settings (input & output, control panel)
Screenshot of Steam or Epic audio settings
Screenshot of RS2 in-game audio settings
Attach dxdiag (launch dxdiag.exe and export)

For these issues, additional unsupressed current logs would help.

A little manual on how to make logs unsupressed.
  1. To do so user has to change DefaultEngine.ini file in ROGame\Config directory: put ";" symbol in lines Suppress=DevOnlineStats and Suppress=DevOnlineSpam.
  2. Then after the match take logs from Steam client: \Documents\My Games\Rising Storm 2\ROGame\Logs Or EGS client: Documents\My Games\Rising Storm 2 EGS\ROGame\Logs
Don't forget to revert changes in DefaultEngine.ini after getting this logs!


We are working with Vivox to investigate these reports further. They have asked for the following information.
  • Locale
  • IP Address
  • Username Steam or Epic
Feel free to private message me the info.
First of all thanks for the Investigation. I love the game and play vividly for 2 years now.
My Experiences since the Updates:

When in doubt no audio output is going out. I have my mic set up corectly, it works in every other game/program
Some people (for what ever reason) seem to do just fine since i hear them talk in the Team chat (no local or squad chat tho since the updates)
I had a case where i was push-to-talk on my squad channel but the whole team heard it. i used that for a while. but all other channels didnt work for me. i had at least one teammate having the same issue.

My Push to talk Layout and my Settings have not been changed since i started the game 2 years ago.

I hope you can fix the issue in a timely matter. for a game that puts a good bit on teamwork it is crucial to have proper Comms.

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 20, 2020
My game recently stopped working as far as voice chat goes. Am unable to hear or speak to anyone regardless of channel. Discord, other games and any other use for my microphone works as expected. It's just RS2 that stopped working.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 22, 2020
My voice chat no longer works. I can hear the game, but I can't hear anyone talk. I've tried reinstalling, changing audio channels, using different headphones/speakers.

Is there any progress on this issue?