Imagine,,,The Unimaginable.....

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Jul 28, 2011
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What was planned by the warlords,of NATO,&The Warsaw Pact.,the war that was planned......never happened...and then finally,,,reared it's ugly head.

Circa late 1970's .The politburo sees the writing on the wall.Ronald RAY-GUN ,election in the upcoming election is assured,at least by the soviets.They have spendt rubles,they could not afford,destroying their civilian standard of living.They are aware of what Ray-Gun,brings to the table,a level of military expenditure,they have no hope of matching.

In place,the T-72's,The MI HIND 24's,the new BMP's stand ready and poised.

This war,like many in the past,start by a mistake,Warsaw pact maneuvers,near the FULDA GAP,commence.Mistakes are made by both sides.Patton M-60's,along with the new Fairchild A-10,and the revolutionary GPS. System is ready to help......,but will it be enough to stop the armored COSSACKS???

The Nato members,,,,convene for an emergency meeting,,,,on the itinerary ,the use of tactical Nuclear..weaponry ....does,,,,this happen,if not,,what does........

I wish to any of the gods,,who might listen,,,,the best president in my lifetime,,,Yes,,,that one...the one,with a 5 o 'clock shadow @ 1:00 P.M.,was in charge..............I am speaking of Richard Milhous Nixon.......
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May 2, 2006
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I'm a child of the 80s and grew up with the constant threat of nuclear destruction looming. We expected the Soviets to cross the border from Kola any day and sweep through Finnmark before NATO could come to our aid.

We played video games like this:

And this:

As to Nixon, well having progressive parents of the '68 generation meant that was a "swear word" in my family, like Bush is today I guess. Although when you think about it, Nixon was the one that pulled the US out of Vietnam, under massive pressure obviously. But who started the war? The president the 68ers adore to this day, JFK... Weird isn't it.
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