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I'll Show You Mine If You'll Show Me Yours (Part Deux)


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 12, 2006
My buddy claims that a pistol bullet doesn't go through a telephone book.

Can someone prove him wrong? Preferably with differnt calibers (an acute and an round projectile), differnt distances.

Or is there already an Mythbusters episode out there :D
A .22 wouldn't go through a phone book, but anything 9mm and up should, as referenced by the video posted above.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 6, 2006
Chambers of the Grand Council
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 13, 2006
Nice rifle! I hope America hasn't totally been stripped of it's gun rights by the time I turn 21. I'm itching to get a C&R.

Picked up a 33 round magazine for my 19 and fully loaded the magazine alone weighs about the same as the glock does unloaded.



FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 1, 2006
Maine, US
Picked up a GP WASR-10/63 at a local gun show today. Already looking at synthetic stock kits and POSP scopes for her. Gonna take her out and see how she shoots tomorrow though.

The show was pretty cool too, it was at a National Guard armory and there was a buttload of modern weapons. If I had the money I would've picked up a AR-15 as well lol. There were also plenty of other weapons, one guy had a G3 and some HK91s, another had a Mac 10 and FN P90 on display. Wish I had more money saved up so I could go and grab another gem heh.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 27, 2006
that's as it arrived... and too good condition for 1935? most of the bluing on exposed metal is worn down to in the white

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 12, 2006
I love the look of an old war horse. The more beat up the better. Although the one above looks to be in pretty good shape.

As for a rifles age. All of these were rebuilt in the 30's They were originally made in the 1890's.

Condition can vary though, just look at these M1871/84's.
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