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If you can make things break, please help


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Jan 11, 2011
Hi all, thanks for taking the time. I probably know most of the people reading this. Just trying to wrap up my map for beta release, the last remaining issues are tough though.

I have a chair that is in five parts because it needs to be culled very carefully since there are like 500 of them in the map. Anyway, the chair being in parts isn't an issue. I just need it to explode when a grenade hits it. It doesn't have to be fancy, just a puff of smoke and a sound. I've tried all the tutorials and its hopeless. Would anyone be willing to help make this thing explode?

Here is the link with the files:

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Aug 9, 2009
In Mission Mode
Check out Road To Perdition. At the end i made the whole 4 piece balcony colapse when you shoot it. Also Look at Castle Of Death for a more simpler version.

basically you make the objects movers that are damaged toggled. they go to a counter (this will be the hit points or how many times it takes to shoot it) and that goes to the script that makes the rest explode.

Or more simple version just give the damage toggled mover's damage threshold a # (this is the min dmg done to explode in a single shot) then then next key will be the exploded position. Also make sure you use a network emitter for the dust or w/e explosian. Tag the emitter with the mover's event name.

If you still need help i can guide you in steam.

NOTE: If you want 1 piece to fall after the other put the movers tag in one of the other pieces under open event, or opening event.
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Mar 21, 2009
just copy one of glasses in KF-Bioticslab and change staticmesh in properties > display tab to your chair