If I made my own sequel to Maneater

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Sep 12, 2020
(It's nice to meet you guys, first time here.)

Due to being a fan of Maneater as well playing the game back in May, I always wondered what it would be like if I designed a sequel to said game.

What animal I would pick?
The animal I would go with would be a male saltwater crocodile, just like how the Bull Shark was a female back in the previous game, the Croc would have the tail whip and lunge attack but instead of thrashing, it would do the death roll thing as well having the ability to go on land. You would also have things like thicker scales, stronger teeth/jaws and stronger muscles to increase base stats.
(And yes, crocodiles can gallop and run pretty fast in short bursts.)

Our main character, a young saltwater crocodile lives on a crocodile farm owned by a person based on Steve Irwin who owns the farm, on one peaceful night the crocs are interrupted by our antagonist and his poacher henchmen who invade said farm and light dry grass as it catches ablaze, unfortunately most of the crocs were kidnapped by the poachers and some died in the fire. Thankfully our crocodile survived this and swims away to get revenge on his soon-to-be arch nemesis.

Regions (There's 13 regions, 11 in main game and two as DLC.)
  1. Boiling Outback (Has no apex predator and where the tutorial takes place.)
  2. Murky Bog
  3. Arid Savannah (Would have animals like lions, giraffes, wildebeest and hippos.)
  4. Emerald Jungle
  5. Ruby Coast
  6. Diamond Currant
  7. Prism Reef (Basically a big colourful coral reef.)
  8. Topaz Docks (Industrial area taking place in docks.)
  9. Polluted Depths (Would have lots of junk and filth everywhere.)
  10. Lazuli Deep (Big big ocean like the Gulf.)
  11. Ancient Ocean (Secret Region after beating game, has prehistoric sea animals)
  12. Frozen Sea (1st DLC set in the Arctic)
  13. Dark Trench (2nd DLC takes place in deeper ocean.)
Fun fact: 5 of them are named after real life gems.

Apex Predators
  • "The Flesh-eating Cannibal... the Piranha!" (Murky Bog)
  • "The Big Mouthed Tank... the Hippo!" (Arid Savannah)
  • "The Amazonian Serpent... the Anaconda!" (Emerald Jungle)
  • "The Underwater Acrobat... the Dolphin!" (Ruby Coast)
  • "The Speedy Swordsman... the Sailfish!" (Diamond Currant)
  • 'The Slippy Trickster... the Moray!" (Prism Reef)
  • "The Aquatic Whip... the Thresher!" (Topaz Docks)
  • "The Feral Junkie... the Tiger!" (Polluted Depths)
  • "The Titan of the Seas... the Blue Whale!" (Lazuli Deep)
  • "The Prehistoric Ruler... the Mosasaurus!" (Ancient Ocean)
  • "The Tusked Terror... the Walrus!" (Frozen Sea DLC)
  • "The Mythical Legend... the Kraken!" (Dark Trench DLC)
  • Fire (The crocodile gains magma-like skin making it look like it's made of lava.)
  • Poison (The crocodile has funky psychedelic colours everywhere and glows.)
  • Spikes (The crocodile grows spikes on it's body making it like a living cactus.)
There's not much, but feel free to ask me anything.
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