I wanna do that with my MG42 in RO!

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Nov 22, 2005
Beer capital of the world
It's hard to keep step when you're almost the last in line. I had that position and it ****s: You have to make up for every mistake anyone in front of you made but you still have someone behind you to kick you in the boot for it.


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Apr 15, 2006
Recoil with PPSh wasn't any problem becouse it uses muzzle compensator to prevent muzzle climb, even modern assault rifles such as AK-47 has more muzzle climb than with PPSh-41 as you can see from videos below.

I recently shot the crap outta the civilian version of an M4. It's just a telestock, short barrel AR15.. semi-auto only, but....

I did a bit of rapid-fire at about 100 yards. Muzzle climb? None. And I didn't even have the stock into my shoulder, I was going "CQB hold" on it. It'd jump slightly off-target (though, at about 50 yards, it would have still been on-torso), just a bit to the right, maybe up a tiny touch. Recoil was next to non-existent.

The PPSh shouldn't climb, it should "shake." That's what I experience with just about every real long gun that I rapid fire. It moves more side-to-side off target than up or down. Fairly random side-side, maybe some up mixed in there, but you get the point.

Me having fun, note the stock high on the shoulder, not the best for recoil managment. Ammo was surplus 5.56, IIRC. The cheap stuff, at any rate.

Rifle belongs to {YBBS}InnocentBystander. Black Rifle Disease makes you grin uncontrollably: