I have a General Protection Fault (GPF) What do I do?

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Oct 10, 2005
The most common reason for a GPF is overstressed hardware (you overclocked when you should not have), bad drivers, or missing files.

The first step you should do before posting is to

1) Verify your cache -- > steam://validate/1200
2) Ask yourself "Does this GPF only happen on custom maps or mutators?"
- If yes, go bug the mappers or the coder for the map or mutator not us.

If that does not clear it away first do the following: Delete your redorchestra/system folder then verify the cache again. If a new GPF comes up attempt to verify the cache one more time.

If these do not clear away the GPF or custom content is not the cause then do the following:

Create a new thread saying you have a GPF. In this thread post both the GPF error that RO gave us as well as your redorchestra.log file that can be found in RedOrchestra/System folder.
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