I don't like the current direction of DLC weapons

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Mar 11, 2021
DLC weapons have always been a touchy subject ever since they were introduced. I've been mostly okay with the idea of selling dlc even though their prices are a bit too high. one of the developer promises behind DLC weapon was that DLC will never outperform base weapons. And for the most part they've stuck to their promises.
But the last 2 DLC weapons have clearly deviated from this promise. For the Xmas update we got frost fang. A freezing weapon for berserker and support and also a meta weapon for survivalist. Freezing is the strongest incap in game and it doesn't feel right to lock such a feature behind paywall. None of the support's base shotguns can compete with what frost fang does
And now we have gravity imploder. a tier 5 demo weapons that's competing with m32. except it's better than m32 in every single way. they cost the same yet m32 is 9 weight while gravity imploder is only 7 weight. They have the same magazine size but gravity imploder has a mag reload while m32 is stuck with the horrible tube reload. The gravity explosion grenades also explode at any range and do not do any self damage. this is a huge deal for a demolitionist weapon. While with m32 you can easily kill yourself. Not to mention the gravity grenades can completely lock down big zeds and bosses, making the game stupidly easy.


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Oct 10, 2005
We agree that the Gravity Imploder was over performing and it has been tweaked in the second beta which has just gone out. We keep a close eye on player feedback and opinion on all the weapons, and the beta and release surveys are where we generate alot of the data on how any weapon is fairing after its release and the forums for detailed discussions about them.


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Sep 18, 2012
It's an age-old problem really. I mean... Ever since DLCs (which have an impact on gameplay that is) have been a thing, it has been a real issue. Make the guns/characters/capabilities/items overpowered and people will complain that you're basically paying for an unfair advantage. Make it too weak and people will complain that they paid for something trash.

Plus, calling the Frost Fang the start of that trend...Doesn't exactly rings true. I believe the Ion Thruster, the Blunderbuss and the Mine Reconstructor were all VERY, VERY GOOD DLC weapons.

Yet we can't argue that the last two were... odd choices to say the least. I maintain that the Frost Fang makes zero sense : why does it shoot ice? Why did the ice element went from the sharpshooter to the zerk and support? Why is the zerk gaining a shotgun to begin with? What kind of crossperk is that?

As for the Gravity Imploder... Considering I used to be a strong advocate AGAINST the M32, in fear of the gun being too powerful in KF2 (considering how meta and destructive the gun was in KF1), it really makes me laugh to see how insane the Imploder is. Let's just say when it was teased that I didn't expect it to be a T5 gun, neither that it would have 6 grenades per mag. I believe that not only lowering the effect of the "grav grenade" is needed, but also the mag size. And possibly making it a T3 (considering the T4 is already quite packed).