Hugely dissapointed.

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Jan 23, 2011
Red Orchestra 2, so far have been the worst experience for me in gaming.
Having been playing the series since the release of Ostfront, I was kind of turned off by the some different approaches that the sequel took but Ive learned to live with them. Although there are some really crazy design flaws:

Shift Zoom: The introduction of a better zoom on iron sights had a warm welcome on my part until i saw the "Additional zoom" This zoom is quite ridiculous considering that the maps are noticeable smaller this time around and the farthest range of engagement is about 170 meters as far as infantry combat goes. This zoom is close to the optics zoom of the marksman. In fact, it is much easier to pick off targets at long distances with the regular bolt because of the larger field of view in iron sights which allows much better leading on targets than optics and a noticeably higher fire rate at the expense of a slightly lower zoom.

Suppression: Suppression is utterly useless. Aside the blue screen, it doesn't affect your accuracy AT ALL. Sometimes you get suppressed by bullets that are randomly shot at a house that you are in but far away from them, sometimes you get perma suppressed and sometimes you get suppressed from falling.

Tank balance: The panzer four seem to be comfortably one shooting t-34's from 1200 meters to frontal plate while the t-34 needs about five shots to score a kill from such distance. Not to mention that the amount of ammunition in the t-34 is noticeably lower. Often than not, i get the feeling that i'm combating a Panther and not a Panzer 4 F1.

Mp40: This gun have sniped me countless times at ranges of 150+ meters from windows in a matter of a second not to mention that it penetrates brick walls at that distance.

Hit detection: the hit detection is awful, numerous times have i depleted half of the dp drum mag into a german in close quarters combat to no effect. It is as if the bullets magically dissipated.

Machine gunner class: 80% of time playing the machine gunner class, you will be greeted by "cannot prone here" message or be deployed under the floor texture while trying to deploy to a window, then after you do manage to deploy, you will notice the horrible recoil that deployed machine guns have and will be sniped by the bolt extra zoom snipers and mp-40 heroes in a couple of seconds. Sometimes when you shoot trough a window, you see the bullets hitting a wall near you as if the machine gun was magically spitting bullets about 20 centimeters to the side of the barrel.

Artillery: The artillery is capable of being deployed at an enemy spawn point. Making your spawn ending up in a death the moment you spawned.

Performance: I am running an I5 2500k 4.1ghz 8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram and an overclocked GTX570. The result? 17-20 FPS on the highest settings. Giving how this machine ran Crysis 1 silky smooth at maxed settings and 16xAA together with Crysis 2 maxed with DX11 patch, I am finding it hard to believe that it is a problem with my system.

Latency: Simple test here. Pinging TF2 32 players UK server: 93ms
Pinging RO2 official TWI UK server: 250ms.

Stability: Red Orchestra 2 have been crashing on me every 15 minutes or so trough all the patches and on all settings.

Now I know that you will say that "They will fix it, give them time"

But the thing is, the release day is two days from now and the game feels like being in pre alpha state. I am for one kinda tired of the growing tendency of the industry to release horribly unpolished products to the customers. I want to buy games and play them, not dancing voodoo dances around them to make them work or having to wait to endless stream of patches to bring them to a playable state.
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Mar 16, 2011
RO1 was far from perfect at release, and patches added a huge amount to the game in terms of fixes and free content. Being uncomfortable with beta balance or even release balance for Red Orchestra 2 is most likely being too cynical considering that things will change without a doubt.
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Sep 11, 2011
I also agree with everything the OP said.
The balance is pretty much shifted completly to the german side...

Its beta, i know..I hope it will be fixed.

Josef Nader

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Aug 31, 2011
Every point you make here has been hammered on time and time again on the forums.

I have to laugh every time someone says that RO2 is "pre-alpha" or "alpha", because these people have obviously never seen an alpha build before in their lives.

I am anticipating a massive shift in performance come the full release. I suspect debug mode has been on for the duration of the beta, and that's always a performance killer. I also imagine a lot of the crashes come from us not having access to the full array of resources the game is trying to call from. Again, just hypothesizing from my experiences with betas. I also anticipate an avalanche of Day 0 - Week 2 patches. If the game isn't functioning properly within the first two weeks, I'll eat my ushanka.

It has to be understood that TWI is a very small company trying to compete with the big boys. If they push back any farther, they're going to get caught amidst the holiday releases, and that is going to kneecap their sales.

Then again, so will bad reviews, but RO has always been kind of a niche game anyway...


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Jan 10, 2008
Suppression: Suppression is utterly useless. Aside the blue screen, it doesn't affect your accuracy AT ALL. Sometimes you get suppressed by bullets that are randomly shot at a house that you are in but far away from them, sometimes you get perma suppressed and sometimes you get suppressed from falling.

I really would hate otherwise. It's the reason I don't like darkest hour AT ALL


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Aug 15, 2011
I got a great experience, super performance (60-100fps), almost no crashes. Would be nice if crossfire would working, but not that I need better fps anyways. (but I guess I'm lucky here...)

About zoom, since when you use it, you are mostly using iron sight, that comes at a cost (situal awareness), and since on a computer screen everything is way smaller, I like it.

Supression, everyhing turns in bright white, so yes when it happens, I see way less, so I mostly then don't try to get myself to exposed since I see less what's going on.

Mp40, should be more realistic the way it is now.

Hit detection, I got some problems with it somethimes, but I like uncertainty ;)

A crash somethimes, but a few seconds later I'm back in the game, it even remembers my score on the server where I crashed.
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