How to get into the beta?

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Nov 21, 2005
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The big beta will probably be somewhat like a demo from the players point of view. At that point the game is probably nearly finalized and went through a lot of testing already.

Usually big beta's including the COD and BF ones are to actually test things, but actually test things that require people to primarily just play the game.

For pc games think of finding weird hardware software combinations that perhaps do not work. And making sure the software is stable, and that for instance servers can cope with the player amounts.

Finding out what people like and dislike about the game and slightly focussing marketing towards that. Loads of people will try it out and share their experiences with other people on all forums with big betas. So if the game is fun its a great marketing tool to get people to try and play the game before release.

Through stat tracking seeing how balanced certain maps are. Seeing how quickly people progress through different perks and making sure that all perks work.

Probably the last part is actually the reporting of bugs once its at this phase, and a lot of things found might not make it into the first release either. As once you created a fix for a certain bug it needs to be fully tested again etc.
BUT the "big beta" in this case is going to be only like 20,000 keys (citing Ramm) -- not an open beta where everyone and their mother can play it.


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Nov 19, 2010
I'm sure the beta will come when it comes, the game looks playable from what we see and the release date is not that far off.


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Nov 22, 2005
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BUT the "big beta" in this case is going to be only like 20,000 keys (citing Ramm) -- not an open beta where everyone and their mother can play it.

Indeed and the Bad Company 2 beta wasn't fully open either communities and websites got keys to give away. The combination of only 20.000 keys sounds a bit odd as 20000 is pretty massive. You cant call a group of 20000 people small many games never sell that amount to begin with.

With 20.000 people you cannot get a structured testing method going with those players, people will just play the game and you hope you can get some nice statistics and that some might report something especially if they get an issue.

Next to that TWI cannot hold tester interviews or whatever for 20000 people either. They will likely give keys to people that fulfil a certain demographic, that lies the closest to the kind of people that TWI would want.

Big massive tests are crucial and really important, but usually this means that all that is required of the actual users is simply playing and having fun. While people subtract information from behind the curtains.

People reporting their opinions on the game, and saying that the game crashes their game or even reporting bugs would be a big plus. But I wouldn't expect that in the end the majority will do it and that TWI expects the majority to report stuff.
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May 6, 2006
Beta's are Beta's...

IR's are another story.

Post releases are Candidates.

Dedication is a minimum system requirement.

Open Beta's are a mess...


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May 30, 2006
Maybe we should just wait until TWI gives more info on it. Im sure they will give a bit of warning before-hand.

I believe that they'll take a close look at time zones and release the information when they estimate that most of us are either sleeping or at work / school. Then they say t hat 20 first get the hold of the beta key...
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Oct 7, 2010
oops. somebody just mentioned beta and gamma in the same sentence and now all i can think about is particular atomic degeneration :(



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Oct 21, 2010
i just downloaded and watched HD trailer in steam and then 2 steam friends pinged me asking me if i was in the beta ! by watching the movie their steam client said i was playing the game !! :eek: :)