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How many of our fan base are military?


VP, Tripwire Int.
Oct 17, 2005
Roswell, GA
I've been chatting off and on with CPT Steve Machuga ("Shanghai Six") of Operation Supply Drop (http://operationsupplydrop.org/ ). He was asking how many of our fan base are active military - and I realized that I don't have a clue as to the answer, so...

How many of you are currently deployed overseas? Or, given that it may be hard to get on to our forums from some post in Bumholistan, how many of you have friends/family deployed out there? Or how many of you are about to rotate back to a jolly adviser/training posting out there?

Just interested to find out!


Active member
Dec 18, 2012
I was introduced to Steam while stationed in Korea in 2005 (Counter Strike). We had limited Internet access in Iraq between missions so didn't do much online gaming there. Once we came back to the States we tore up some Halo 2. I am out now and play RO2 every chance I get!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 1, 2011
I was in army in Finland, so not overseas (in my point of view). More like I have the training for combat engineer but never participated in any conflicts. So I guess not really counted in here haha.