How does the running speed compare to ROOST?

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Feb 23, 2006
From what I saw in some of the gameplay videos I have gotten a little worried,

to me its one of the biggest game breakers in a game trying to be realistic, a perfect example is DOD.. the original mod (before it got swept up by valve) was far from Counter Strike with WW2 guns, when they released DOD2 they significantly upped the running speed (even something like 10% has a drastic effect) and it destroyed the game in my opinion.

The stress and strategy of using cover effectively, changes when you can simply jump from one side of the street to the other to find cover, or simply jump in front of a doorway and be on equal ground as the person defending (the surprise of you being there is enough time for you to center your aim)

please somebody reassure me that I am overreacting, and that the running speeds and sprint duration are going to be essentially the same (given there is no need to change them as they have been refined all this time)

sorry, this is my way of saying I am very excited for the release of this game!
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Mar 23, 2009
From the videos, it isn't DoD:S speed, which is way to fast in my opinion but it seems they were shooting for CS with WW2 guns. Although it plays much faster than CS does.

The running speed in RO2 videos looks a little faster, but nothing as big of an impact as DoD:S speed. I also heard you have more running endurance, so that's a good bonus. I think on most maps: Spawn to close proximity of Objective took 2 whole stamina bars.
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Oct 7, 2010
What IS weird is how they run like they're in slomo, but they are actually going quite fast.

They seem to float or step oddly over the ground, leap distance (the distance from one footstep to another in a sprint) whilst in battle should be really slow, ensuring stability and ease of maneuverability. (see bfbc2 for a great running animation)


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Aug 2, 2011
In one video, there was a guy crouch walking and was gliding around on the ground. I chalked that up to it being incomplete animation, lag, etc. Hopefully it is fixed.