How does the latest update change your view on weapon tiers for firebug and zerker?

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Sep 25, 2012
Pulverizer and Dragonsbreath surely move up a tier (or more?) for their perks.

Or no change compared to how much you already used these weapons prior to the update?


May 21, 2015
Los Angeles
Pulverizer def moves back up IMO. It's so much more effective than it used to be. Dragonsbreath remains the same for me. Like, I'm happy it's better than before but I still used it regularly before the update.


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Dec 23, 2011
Kyiv Ukraine
Dragonsbreath is "better flamethrower" now (atleast it feels like it), I literally never shoot at zeds, only their feet.

I don't feel like playing zerk this days for some reason, so I kinda wish I could use Pulverizer with demo (I know, I know), but it still feels like it doesn't utilize all skills, especially Mad bomber.
Yes, it says "shoot and reload" only, but I dont see reason why I can't also swing or atleast use heavy attack in near real-time, since setting nukes is almost impossible (TWI still didn't fixed explosion making nuke if started zed time).
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Jul 1, 2020
The latest updates make it easier for one person to carry a game (mostly suicidal), medic can kill large zeds with an upgraded incision. Not to mention the 30% damage over time that was included.
Berserker can kill both trash and Large zeds with Ion Thruster, along with the HRG Teslauncher that shoots from a distance and isn't a melee weapon
Firebug can do alot of damage now with his Microwave, also the SWAT gets so much benefit from the buffed Mac 10
Demo can now kill zeds without being too far from the zeds with the Kaboomstick, I think it was the thing that the demo needed for a long time
SWAT is very weak when his armor is broken and he can be killed easily so the riot shield and G18 really helps to tank a few hits
Sharpshooter's AMR is really good for some cost saving and large zeds killing and even bosses
Basically, now each perk can do both kill trash and large zeds. Some people complain from this but I find it good because it brings the best in players and it prevents you from a total loss when you're playing with weak players/newcomers


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Sep 18, 2012
Wow, that topic is old! I actually thought we had a sneaky update that buffed both weapons.

Personally, I've always loved both weapons. I think they're still my favourite weapons in each respective perk arsenal. The dragonbreath is definitely one of the best T2...even in the hands of the support. I don't think I ever played a firebug match without it. Even un-upgraded, it's a mad killing machine. And with a damage buff, you can keep it until the late waves.

The Pulverizer has also been a staple of my zerk loadouts. I'm not very fond of the berserker at all, so my point-of-view isn't the best. But I love how you can smash a FP in 2-3 hits. Or a legion of trash zeds.