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How do I run a private LAN game?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 21, 2015
Hi! Currently in the process of setting up a dedicated server, but while looking through the game itself, I'm unsure on a few things.

I want to run a 2-person, private LAN game, in KF1 I had the option of just using a Listen server and that ran fine. But in KF2 it all seems to be lobby based. I don't want random yahoo's joining the private game and the perimeters I put in don't seem to stick (I selected "normal" difficulty and it dumped us into a Hell on Earth lobby, we lasted approximately one minute total)

So, is there/will there be a simple listen server option? Like in Killing Floor 1? So that I don't need to go through all the hassle of this dedicated server with passwords and port forwarding and all that nonsense. I admired KF1's simplicity when it came to LAN games, but KF2 doesn't seem to accommodate to that. At least not yet.

Unless I'm missing something obvious?


Unless I'm just mising