Hotfix Work In Progress Patch Notes

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June 5th Update: This update has begun deployment:

June 3rd Update: As I mentioned yesterday, we had to restart the process due to issues found in the last build. Due to this happening we also took the chance to incorporate some additional fixes that were waiting on a future update. The patch notes have been updated to reflect these additions.

June 2 UPDATE: During the testing of the build, issues popped up around the save system, which has required more work and additional testing to be done. We are currently aiming to have a new Relesase Candidate (what we would upload to the platforms) in test by later today or early tomorrow with a goal of getting this update out later this week still.

Hey sharks,

We look like we have the following items addressed in the upcoming hotfix, currently targeted for a release next week (the week of June 1st). Due to the nature of some of these fixes, we want to make sure they get some additional QA time, which prevents us from being able to deploy this update sooner. As this is a work in progress changelog, it may not fully reflect the final update as things move through the QA process.

All Platforms
  • Save Game
    • Added a backup save system where the game will keep two saves in a save slot incase one becomes unavailable so it can fallback to the previous
    • Added additional protection to keep save files from being overwritten
    • Added additional protection to the save system to keep saves from corrupting
  • Optimization and Environmental
    • Optimized environmental buildings
    • Optimization done to the map menu
    • Optimization and Fixes done to particles that were impacting performance on all platforms
    • Fixed the large crashed tanker in the prologue having geometry with missing collision
    • Fixed a case where landmark audio cues would not play
    • Fixed bridge geometry in Fawtick Bayou where the player shark could become stuck
    • Fixed pontoon boat next to Flamingo Joe’s having the wrong textures
    • Made sure fire that was missing from some Tiki torches and statutes was relit
    • Fixed several environmental collision issues
  • Landmark and Collectables
    • Retroactive fix for collectible and landmark objectives that got destroyed but did not grant progress. You will need to re-enter an area to trigger this fix in each area
  • Quest, Prey and Bounty Hunters
    • Changed bounty hunters to no longer require diver kills to progress
    • Balanced King Mackerel and Parrot Fish levels to give the same nutrients
    • Fixed a situation where bounty hunter boss boats would linger after the boss and player shark had died in combat
    • Fixed quest flow so that it will not break if players refuse to eat Pete’s hand
    • Fixed a situation where infamy would not progress if players did not equip sonar
    • Fixed a situation where the narrator would cut off Pete taunting the shark
    • Fixed a situation where re-engaging bounty hunters after they had lost the player would not retrigger bounty hunter wave
    • Fixed several cinematic frame issues
    • Fixed a situation where multiple objectives of the same type could be selected for the waypoint
  • Player Shark and Combative Wildlife
    • Fixed a situation where the player shark would revert to the prologue mother shark
    • Fixed harpoons floating outside the shark player model without impaling it
    • Fixed a situation where the shark mass in the UI would be incorrect with certain evolutions equipped
    • Fixed a situation where the tiger shark skin would lose upgrades
    • Fixed a situation where sharks that were knifing or above the surface and fast traveled to a grotto would be in the knifing state when they entered the grotto
    • Fixed a situation where the biting player shark would bump prey away instead of biting it
    • Fixed a situation where combative AI fins and limbs would shake if the player shark came close
    • Fixed a situation where combative wild life would stop targeting the player if they played too long
    • Fixed mother shark back of eye during a held bite, she would prefer if you did not look that closely
  • Menu
    • Fixed loading screen hints that had incorrect text
    • Updated credits
  • Fixed a controller disconnection that could result in a freeze/crash and corrupt save
  • Added further Dynamic Resolution adjustments to improve framerate
  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting the controller or switching profile would result in the game going back to the main menu without saving
  • Fixed an issue which could cause some hardware to shutdown
  • Fixed trees popping in during the opening cinematic
  • Fixed a situation where gore chunk geometry would stretch
  • Fixed a situation where the main menu UI would not update if the player signed into Xbox Live
  • Fixed ESC button not being usable in Key Mapping or Video Settings

We apologize for the frustration these issues have caused you and thank you for your patience as we have worked to get them addressed. For all the latest keep your eyes here .
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Just to clarify can I still use my old save then as it's the only save that didnt corrupt to get the license plate again just by re entering the area or do you suggest I start again as I have started again multiple times and have had no success hence why I havent been playing and have been waiting for the update.
hoping that those save files protective measures also solves the tiger shark dissappearing and reseting as now when i have completed the game mutagens will be harder to find for upgrading to tier 5. :)
Looking good so far, fixed the landmarks and went all out on securing save files (y)
Now to stop systems from overheating and crashingand we'll be golden :D
(PC user here)
Awesome I can't wait for this to come out as I'm having framerate issues on my PS4 and PS4 Pro. On Patch Day will the game update before we can play? This is my first Tripwire game so I'm not familer with how yall patch the game.
So, what is the point of the second save as of now? I had a corrupted data and a save from 4 hours prior, I assumed just deleting the corrupted one it would fall back to the one from hours ago but it didn't.
Can you please clarify the hunters #5 Tyler Dixon.

I didn't get the Bio fins even though defeated him

Will patch allow u to kill hunters again.

Or will patch give the bio fins

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Game crashed again. This time, went back in to find no ‘continue’ option... does this mean I have to start over or will be the patch somehow repair the 16.7 kB save file that now doesn’t work?

If not, I’d like to request a full refund.

I was really enjoying myself too. I gotta say, for the most part, this game is a banger, but the whole save corruption thing is unacceptable. That’s 3 days wasted because I’m forced to do the same s*** all over again. I fear it’s going to get old real quick if that’s the case. I was almost fully evolved too. Major bummer.

EDIT: I think the only way I’d be satisfied not getting my money back is if you guys implement an option to selectively turn off HUD elements. Then I just may be able to go through the story beats again and brave the depressing swamp once more.

Thanks in advance.
This sux i am very dissapointed and mad! Got this game for my son for his birthday. he was lvl 17 and me 30 and then bam! Both our saves got erased! Son was sad af thats just messed up chetl😠😠😠
Hi, I logged in today, and have lost all my progress. Upon getting to the menu screen, I selected my save file and as soon as the game started it went right back to the prologue. Will this be fixed in the update and will I get my level 30 shark back?? Not prepared to grind through the game again, I just don't have the time. Thank you.
So we should be getting the patch Tomorrow since its June 1st
Week of June 1st. So based on the timescales and releases so far I’d say earliest Friday 5th. But Xbox maybe week after. 8th -12th June would be a good place to set expectations to be honest
The hotfix continues to be under QA test this morning. It looks like one item has dropped off of it as that fix did not pan out, but we are continuing with the rest as is due to the priority nature of the fixes involved.