Hostage Rescue Challenges - dead hostage penalty doesn't actually come off your time score

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Jan 18, 2020
Category: Code

Reproducibility: Always, as far as I can tell. I've noticed it on a few different Hostage Rescue challenges.

Description: If a hostage is killed on a Hostage Rescue challenge, it adds 10 seconds to your mission time. It doesn't actually affect your leaderboard time, though. I've attached a video of what I mean, on Hostage Rescue 03.

You can see at the start I've got a +20 second time penalty for 2 hostages killed, and it shows my mission time as 1:17.17. But then when I go to the leaderboard, it shows my time as 57.16, which is 20 seconds lower than what my mission time was. That means my penalty has not applied to the leaderboard. So its therefore possible to rush through one of these challenge, get every hostage killed (even kill them yourself if it's quicker) and get an absurdly low time that would be otherwise impossible.

This is on Quest.