Holdout Template

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May 14, 2009
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Sep 13, 2017
I would like to add to the above template because the wiki page glosses over the core of how the teleportation system works and can lead to lots of confusion. Teleportation does NOT use Trigger Volumes to teleport a player when they 'drop' down. Trigger volumes are only used to teleport players not in current Arena when a wave starts.

The KFTeleporter below the map grabs all players that jump down the drop chutes and using the Kismet logic, sends players to their next destination. It has a very large collision radius that grabs any player that drops down to go the next arena.

The map has multiple KFTeleporters, and not all of them are used in the same way; they are broken into 2 different categories:
  1. The Basic Arena Teleporter that is placed in each Arena. These dictate WHERE players will spawn when they get teleported. Within the Object category of the KFTeleporter Properties, they are given a unique tag; usually "Arena_1" (or whatever number). There are 10 of these; 1-9 for waves 2-10 and 1 for the Boss. The teleporter system uses this tag to determine what the next arena is. The name of the teleporter does not matter, ONLY the tag.


  2. A Single 'Parent' Teleporter which 'catches' the player and teleports them to the above teleporters. There is a single teleporter which is used to CAPTURE the players when they 'drop' down at the end of a wave and TELEPORT them to a specific Arena. This teleporter in the Template is 'KFTeleporter_0' and is placed below each Arena. It has the Tag 'KFTeleporter' in its object properties. I personally recommend increasing the drawscale of this KFTeleporter so you don't confuse it/easy to select from distance.
    It also has additional properties under the KFTeleporter category. These contain 10 URLs that list the arena teleporter tags (eg: Arena_1 through 9 + Boss). Basically listing the teleport locations to move the player.


    There is one other important property that is glossed over. The teleporter captures players who fall into its node radius. When the game detects that they fall into this radius, they will be teleported. As the radius is extremely huge it can be hard to see in the editor. However sometimes the radius needs to be adjusted. These values can be found under the KFTeleporter Properties > Collision category > Colision Component. You are looking mainly at Collision Radius (and Collision Height - but this rarely needs to be changed).

Hopefully if anyone is struggling to understand how the teleporting system works, this can help a bit. I haven't tried, but it could be possible with some additional kismet to make a a system that doesn't rely on 'dropping' down but rather walking into a door/corridor.

If I got anything wrong, please feel free to correct me.
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