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FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 30, 2015
Heya dear staff of Tripwire,

I have been away for about a year from KF2, while occasionally just playing new builds for a few rounds. Let me just start without saying how much I played KF1 and how great of a game it is, since we all know that most of the KF2 players view KF1 as a holy grail, one might say.

I played your very first Early-Access build for around 200 hours, and I have also been testing out Demolitions and Firebug for a bit. Now, I have been putting a few more dozens of hours in the game, while playing the Gunslinger build alongside with the current one.

Let me just say I really like what you guys did to KF2, right from the start: The Zeds feel more alive, aggressive, more of an active threat than just some random dummies we have to shoot fast enough. Even though KF1 made this mix very appealing to me, and most others, does not mean that KF2 has to do the same thing. Actually, I did not want KF2 to be KF1.

You mentioned in one of your first videos about the making of your new game, KF2, that you wanted to get an "Evolution" going for KF2, that you actually never really intended Killing Floor the way it was. Was pretty curious back then.

Therefore, I did not try to compare KF2 with KF1 too much - So I was really surprised about how you tried to make KF2 a thing to work. I really think the first build was, apart from some major game-breaking issues like circling the Scrake, and running away from the FP infinetely, the best way you headed towards your goal of making KF2 an actual evolution. Teleporting Zeds are still annoying, ok - But the game encouraged you to run around, if you were to be overwhelmed.

With the update adding Firebug and Demolitions, I saw a lot of new things I liked, and about as many that I did not. The game itself felt a lot better and I also had better performance on my PC. Still, even so...

What really needs to be worked on are the stumble, panic, and in general crowd-control mechanics. I really dislike things like these, since they take a lot of speed out of a game. On the other hand, I realize that many players want (and partly need) things like this, to increase their chances of winning. But the problem there is, that they abuse it too much. Whatever is overpowered, that is.

That gets me now to a Perk, that was actually playable, and enjoyable as well, right from the start. Berserker.

With the recent Update adding the Sharpshooter, it seems like Berserker got another overhaul, alongside with other Perks. I do realize you still try to figure out what will work best for your game, but I want you to reconsider a few of your past "improvements" to the Perks, especially Berserker.

The original Berserker was barely played, yet he actually had a value of being there - once you got the hang with blocking, he was already a great choice on his own, especially with a Medic or 2 on his side. The blocking mechanic worked - it was hard to get used to, but it worked. The Pulverizer was furthermore a really painful experience for Fleshpounds, as long as you did not forget to block his fierce attacks, even on Hell on Earth.

Now, it seems a bit too easy to just keep bashing, and blocking seems a bit too strong too (I barely see parrying being actually utilized in a "perfect" way like it was in the first build by a few players I knew back then) - Maybe you want to decrease the parry time and reduce the damage that a Berserker takes while blocking. While at it, maybe weaken his passives and his Skill Tree a bit too...he really is too rewarding just because you choose him after he hits lvl 15 and pick some Skills.

The reason i want to see this happeneing is the following: The old ways of Zerking have reappeared. Mind you, 1, 2 Zerker in the front, that literally massacre everthing, a Medic or 2 in the back, and the rest of the team is mostly invalid. Just be sure you defend a spot with no back-spawns happening. This is NOT what I wanted to see in a game that wants to be an "Evolution". This does not feel right. I hope you guys are working on this, really, cause braindead mechanics are not really...enjoyable that much. I realize you want to reach a broad audience with your game, but do you want this to happen to an (I assume) beloved game of yours?

I think you Devs care about your game. I also know that there is a a lot of hate lately on these Forums and on other websites (Or might I say Store-Websites?). I do not really understand most of these people, yet it seems they are simply annoyed that KF! is not KF2. I have been reading things about "why Zeds are bobbing around with their heads, making it impossible to shoot said ones", "how Clot-Grabbing can still be a thing, it breaks the game and its natural flow, "Tripwire not caring about feedback", and whatsoever.

It seems like most of those said people did not see the voting going on, that went in favor of keeping the mechanic of Clot-Grabbing and that you are forced to deal with it immediately. They also did not really see all the players on this forum that wanted Berserker to be buffed - Which I completely understood, but adding visual effects to big Zeds' attacks was already enough to be regarded as a buff. As of now, a Berserker pretty much can kill everything on his own without using too much skill, even on higher difficulties.

Furthermore, Commando now seems a bit broken. I did not necessarily like the first Skill Tree of Commando, but he was always kinda ok. The 2nd build of Commando, that came with Firebug, was, in my opinion, the best one which actually made you think about what you want to choose. Did you want to Call-Out Stalkers, or give your Teammates higher Reload Speed? Auto-Fire or Single-Shots? Relying on your backup-weapons a bit more or not?

Adding the passive that Stalkers get called-out for everyone seems a bit too convenient for players. As soon as you have a Commando now, Stalkers are not as much of a threat anymore, since every Commando will call them out. I hope you guys think of another way of adding this. I also miss his hp-bonus per lvl, that he used to get - It actually fit his role of "Leader", being able to take more hits in general. I realize that there now is a passive giving him 25% more hp and armor, but I do not really get why. Anyway...

Seeing the implementment of my (favorite) Perk from KF1, the Sharpshooter, was enough to get me now back in the game. I like the Skill Tree, actually fitting a stationary or a more mobile-focused playstile with him. The only problem I see, as for now, is the affliction of a stun pretty much all the time with the re-worked m14 ebr, even if you do not hit the head.

Maybe make this an actual skill for Sharpshooter, focusing on getting enough "headshot damage" for this to trigger? Maybe even a general cooldown for this. It does not really fit the evolution if you can trigger this all the time, basically.

A possible way of implementing a stun on headshot might be a Perk like "lie in wait", increasing your chance of this happening on your opening shot the longer you stand still. How does that sound? Instead of being able to trigger pretty much all the time. No matter what you guys do though, as for now, I really like Sharpshooter, but I just want to give you guys an objective view on what maybe needs to be worked on so your game keeps being "fluent" (again, the Berserker is the biggest problem here...).

To summarize: From the first playable build over a year ago up to the current build, a lot of things have been changed. The first build forced you to really co-operate, to count on your team-members, especially on Hell On Earth and Suicidal. Without a Zerk being able to just plainly tank hits, there was a lot of skill you needed for him to be a viable choice, but he was really important back then. He made things go a lot smoother.

With the 2nd big update, adding Firebug and Demolitions, there were a lot of buffs added to existing Perks. Especially Berserker felt too strong. The Medic got nerfed, and that is completely understandable. The new Perks felt fun, and being played right they were, and are still useful.

With the Gunslinger and the addition of Micro-Transactions, there was a lot of...well...not-satisfaction among players. I personally like the Gunslinger, but I still do not see what he can do a lot better than a Supporter besides being faster. I used to take out Scrakes on my own with an AA12, and all other things as well while doing so, in the first Early-Access build, aiming for the Head.

Gunslinger is fun to play and stuff, and OP if you solo, but still the Gunslinger seems like a so-so Perk in a Team. The idea of racking up headshots though and the Skill-Tree in general feels pretty ok, and he is also able to stun. I suppose he is a situational pick you can always have.

About Microtransactions - I really do not care much. But it seems like most players do not like that (while it is just looks after all though). I am not sure what you guys plan to do in the future, but I hope it will be to the better for everyone. Implementing a crafting-system was a good step, but it does not seem to be enough yet. I assume you are aware of this.

With the newest Build, everything went a bit...experimental, as if we were to play the first build all over. Devs, I know you are still experimenting about how to add knockdowns, stuns, or whatsoever, if there should be cooldowns for those, but consider the following: The more you implement crowd-control, the easier it gets, especially if most things can trigger that - unless you actually focus on implementing it with Skills that Perks can choose from.

It might not be good for your game if you want it to be fast-paced and challenging. Maybe even triggering a (possible) stun if the enemy trys to charge you, if you already inflicted enough damage (tripping?).

Anyway, those are just mostly my thoughts and some heads-ups for you. Who know if this will ever be read by a developer itself? Maybe your president will read this? I hope that someone does though. I get the feeling you are stumbling a bit right now. I hope you guys get the evolution going you wanted to realize.

Oh, and one more thing: I know you guys want to expand (PS4, right?) but it might not be a good idea to do so before you actually finish your game, or at least are 100% sure how it is supposed to be. Also, think about people who bought your Early-Access - We all trusted you guys. A lot of people do not trust you anymore, for whatever reasons. But see the hate they spread as motivation to keep going, like you did with Red Orchestra 2.

As for me, I just hope you get this game right.

PS: It is 6:00 AM here. :cool: story eh? So sorry for my bad spelling there. Ah, and thanks for adding the Kick-Vote option. Personally never used it yet, but it is important to have (have not seen it getting abused yet btw).