Heroes Of The West Update

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Oct 10, 2005

  • Reduced Victory Music volume
  • Balanced Maps
  • Redid all Spawn Protection/No Artillery Volumes for all 3 maps
  • Added newer logo to all Overhead Maps
  • Removed Looping Victory Music (only plays once now)

Bug Fixes
  • American lines in British voices Muted
  • SMi44 mine 3rd person model fixed
  • SMi44 mine now has a counter of mines placed
  • SMi44 mine kill icon resized to fit space
  • SMi44 mine HUD fixes
  • German Uniforms appear correctly when Character Detail is set to low
  • Enfield autobolting fix
  • Removed more Japanese referenced lines from American voices.

  • Increased Allies ticket by 100 to 600
  • Increased Axis Tickets by 50 to 650
  • Shifted E cap slightly South (towards defenders)
  • Fixed interior lighting in D Cap Building
  • Reduced Capture time of B Objective from 22 to 20 secs
  • Added a second Axis spawn closer to B that activates once A is capped (If B is capped first then it never enables)
  • Added more cover to B approach
  • Shifted B Objective zone slightly North(towards attackers)
  • Enhanced Spawn Protection to prevent getting too far past the caps for both teams
  • Staggered the overhead C-47s flight as they were synched together
  • Fixed mantling into windows of F cap
  • Increased F capture time by 2 secs
  • Reduced G capture time by 2 secs
  • Added 3 destructible windows to F building
  • Moved the second floor resupply in Hotel to the outside near basement door
  • Fixed a dead end fenced area that led to no where

Port Brest
  • Added 200 Tickets to both sides
  • Allies now have 750
  • Axis now have 600
  • Fixed missing collision on sidewalks
  • Added 10 more Rifleman Roles to each team
  • Added Path Blocking volume where bots had been getting "stuck"
  • Completely reworked the Spawn locations for Allies on A and B caps.
  • Addressed the Spawn Protection and No Arty areas on A/B caps for Allies
  • Added several Sheds in A/B as cover for Attackers
  • Increased Lockdown Times
  • Marked several Destroyable Fences that open alternate routes with a red painted X
  • Satchel Objective Objects now glow when player is armed with a Satchel
  • Shifted A Cap zone towards Attackers
  • Reduced A, B, and D Capture times by 2 secs
  • Increased time to 30 minutes
  • Blocked 3 windows in last objective that could see into Axis spawn
  • Added Cover on approach to Objective A, Fences and vehicles along River
  • Dirt Mounds in center of River are now higher and provide more cover
  • Fences surrounding Building near Objective A are no longer destructible
  • Adjusted Window Frames in Objective G (Barracks)

Omaha Beach
  • Increased Tickets for Both sides
  • Allies have 975
  • Axis have 700
  • Increased time by 4 mins to 41 minutes
  • Replaced "Non-Destroyable" Wire Fences with destroyable versions
  • Removed some collision from several bushes
  • Added 2 additional Ammo Resupplies on Beach for Allies
  • Added more obstacles / cover to the beach
  • Modified Terrain relief on beach to give more cover to Allies
  • Added Foliage in some areas to obscure view of Defenders
  • Fixed bugged far right Spawn on beach
  • Removed Ladder inside Church
  • Adjusted Lock Down Times
  • Reduced Cap time of C
  • Adjusted Spawn Protection to keep players from getting too far beyond the caps

  • Only 2 Objectives enabled at any given time
  • Capping A and B enables C and disables A
  • If Axis Retake B, then C disables and A re-opens
  • Addressed the frequent Overtimes
  • Reduced rifleman roles
  • Increased reinforcements for Allies
  • Added more props and details


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Dec 18, 2012
Should be automatic, if it doesn't update you can verify the game cache a to force it.