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FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 17, 2006
A Plea
For those who use these forums for support is there any chance that you can adhere to a few do's and don'ts?
1.DO post EXACTLY what the problem is or appears to be. You'd be amazed how many posts are titled HELP, WTF, THIS ****S or GAME BROKE. Next time try CEDEGA PROBLEM, GRAPHICS CARD PROBLEM or GAME FREEZES. Not only does this make it easier for people to answer your problem as they can pick problems they're 'good' at, it also means that others with the same problem can search the thread to find a solution.
2.DON'T post a problem and have it solved and then not take the time to say its been solved. Its rude to not thank the person who solved it and if you solved it yourself then its worth letting others know HOW.
3.DON'T post a problem, then leave it oh a whole hour maybe and then bump it or tell us how l4m3 we are for not solving it immediately. A lot of the help here is unpaid and voluntary, its provided by people to help you when they have a bit of time to do so.
4.DO PLEASE use the search function, its dead easy and it might save you a lot of time and hassle.
5.DO post in the right place ie Dedicated Server Support if you're running a server or, Red Orchestra Support for general help with the game.
6.DO post FULL details of fault and hardware/software. If you have a fault on a server its worth saying what Operating System you're using, what processor you have, memory etc etc. If you're running a game and it freezes then its worth knowing what graphics card and driver you're using too.

Just a few things but they will help you, and help others to help you.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 29, 2006
1) Find your Redorchestra.ini file located in the steam/steamapps/common/redorchestra/system folder (hint it looks like a notpad icon with a cog)
2) Change the cache size to better match your ram size
Listed under [Engine.GameEngine].
256 Megabytes of RAM or less
512 Megabytes of RAM
768 Megabytes of RAM
If this suggestion worked (changing the cachesizemegs=32 changed to =64)
does that possibly mean that STEAM or Red Orchestra downloaded the wrong files for my PC system? I changed 32 to 64 in my ini file and noticed a small improvement.
How can I tell how many others I can change or better still which ones to delete and replace with better ones?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 17, 2006
Okay mate, to take your points one at a time.

Question 1
RO as it uses the Unreal Tournament engine ships with 'default' settings. Other brainier peeps than me have experimented and changed the default settings to improve them, so if it has different settings it doesn't mean its wrong, just that thats the way its set by default.
Question 2
The other settings you can change to improve the game are in the stickies posted on this forum: Examples are: the list is extensive so read through it carefully.
Question 3
Um dunno what you're asking here.