Help! StuG variants in Stalingrad, and quantity?

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Jul 22, 2009
Plymouth, England
I've seen confirmation that there were some unknown quantity of Ausf F, and certainly of some short-barrel StuGs.

I've trawled through google but I cant find figures that would indicate how common the Ausf F was (in stalingrad) relative to earlier models deployed. Also I don't know which Ausf. the earlier models were!

Any help would be appreciated.


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Nov 4, 2011
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your stug D, or stubby stug was fairly common, the F came in around mid 1942, an was ment to replace the D, but now many were replaced in stalingrad, probly only the odd battery. more Fs were probly seen in the later stages when it became the pocket, its bigger 7.5 gun better suited the open steppes then close streets.

there was also the Stuh42, which carried a 10.5 bunker busting gun, but that used the same chasis as the F, so its time line is probly very simaliar, though i dare say more stuh42s were used/needed in stalingrad with its higher ex shells.

then theres the G which was the final model and served till and after the end of the war, with only the odd chasis change, different gun mountings etc.

ill digg out some more stuff for you later, if this post even gets put up by the mods