[Help/Request] New weapons

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 24, 2011
Sunny, Sunny California
First off, I don't intend for anything to be balanced. I mean, I don't want a pistol that oneshots a FP, but on the other hand I'm actually looking for overpowered.

Basic premise: I have a basic server with all kinds of zaney additions. My regulars/clan are all pretty high levels based on the Marco's perks (I'm a level 15 demo, for example) and even set at hard, with Doom 3 monsters, and four faked players, it's not too difficult. Then I went Suicidal, and we got our asses kicked. So I'm thinking, why not make some re-coded new weapons! Like some Tier-4 OP weapons that are expensive, and maybe some mid-tier niche weapons.

Anyway, thread is for holding my hand as I try to get these ideas to come to life, and for suggestions. Give me suggestions.

This is only coding related though. Anyway, here are some of my ideas. Some of them are blatantly ripped off from ideas I've seen around the modding board, so I hope that's not a problem.

Explosive sniper weapon (based on either crossbow or the IJC Barrett): Sniper weapon that deals both a hefty headshot hit and explosive damage. Should be helpful to a sharpshooter for FPs.
--(No idea how to code a bullet so it does both regular and explosive damage)

Slug shotgun: shotgun that fires singular, solid slugs.
--(Coded and working)

AA12-E(xtended): Not too creative. Just an AA12 that has a 32-round magazine and a larger ammo pool.
--(I haven't started working on this, but it should be straightforward)

No ideas for him. Sad face.

AA12-F(RAG-12): AA12 that fires FRAG-12 explosive shells
--(I have it coded and working)

LAW-ADM (area-denial munitions): Basically a LAW that has a slightly lesser blast radius and damage than a regular LAW, but upon exploding spawns a handful of pipe bombs. Helps on my server since the demo can pack this baby and still have room for a Sentry turret.
--(I've been looking at the WTFmod where the M79 does almost the same thing. However, it doesn't spawn remote explosives. The M32 does do this as an alternate fire, but I'm having trouble putting them together)

Flaming Axe: Axe... that sets things on fire. Just for giggles.
--(I've seen something like this in the WTFmod, and I don't think I'll much of a problem coding it.

Heal grenade: Exactly what it says on the tin, I guess. Instead of frags, Medic has grenades that explode a highly-efficient healing cloud in a large radius.
--(Remember seeing this idea somewhere, but I don't think the poster got his idea working. Any ideas?)

Healing beacon: Basically something that the medic holds that emits a healing field in a medium radius around himself that does, I don't know, 8HP/second. While the beacon is deployed, the Medic has reduced speed (as if were using a chainsaw), and it takes time to deploy and pack away (like the flamethrower, kind of).
--(No idea where to start with this)

Vampiric Katana: Katana that gives a fraction of the damage dealt (as health) back to the berserker.

Doorbreacher shotgun: Very short range shotgun weapon that fires metal-powder door-breaching rounds. Main niche would be a quick firearm that a Zerker can use to clear out mobbing crawlers at his feet. Range would be extremely short (maybe a little over Crawler leap distance), and fairly weak, but with good spread.
--(I have the basic idea down, but I have no idea how to limit range. I've changed lifespan of the shotgunbullet to like... 0.00001, but it still travels far. Any ideas?)


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 24, 2011
Sunny, Sunny California
Can't get the LAW-ADM to work to my liking. See, I want it throw 4 semi-weak pipebombs around in a small spread upon detonation of the rocket, but after borrowing some of the code from the WTFMod M79 cluster launcher and M32 mine layer, what I get is... randomly bouncing bombs. When using them on Testmap, and lauching a rocket down the long hall, some of the mines will end up behind me, which I don't want.

Code for the rocket follow:

Code for the mines that spawn:

If I remove the stuff before defaultproperties on LAWADMMine, they don't bounce around, but they just spawn at point-of-impact with no spread.