KF Help making Toggleable Gravity (Can turn on, but not off)

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Aug 25, 2012
After nearly hours of long research as well as trial and error, I finally managed to create a Gravity Trigger to toggle on gravity of my choosing within a PhysicsVolume, but I can't turn it off. Even after using a scripted trigger to toggle another Gravity Trigger with gravity that opposes the first trigger, it still wouldn't work because the first gravity trigger was still active, merely making the effect worst.

I would have used the ZoneTrigger, but despite Unreal Wiki mentioning ZoneGravity, I checked KF-SDK actors in said folder and I couldn't find it within the settings. So as of right now, there's no way for me to set up and create toggleable gravity that I know of. I was going to try and destroy the first gravity actor but because I'd like to use it multiple times, and because I can't detail the complete settings of one that I can use scripted triggers to spawn, that option is out of the question for now.

Is there any additional code that I can add to the GravityTrigger that I can save as a custom version and use to make this possible?

I would very much appreciate any help I can get considering this, as I'm in the process of making an objective map and it would really add an epic touch to it.
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