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Happy St. Patty's Day - Steam Weeklong Sale!


Dec 13, 2013
Happy St. Patty's Day! Head on over to the Steam where you'll find a "Pot O' Gold" as we're part of the Weeklong Deal. Killing Floor and selected Tripwire bundles are 75% off - and Killing Floor DLC is 50% off! A number of Killing Floor unlocks (and supporting achievements) have been turned on for the sale as well:

Bad Santa
Mr Foster Steampunk
Mrs Foster Steampunk
Commando Chicken
Golden Potato

Here's the link:




FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 5, 2014
Thanks Tripwire Interactive.

Thank you much guys for this update. This is like a charm to me. Why?
Hopefully I'll get my so wanted Steampunk Fosters then... still waiting...
However there are yet persisting 2 bugs on this event:

  1. Steampunk Mrs. Foster is still not unlockable. (Mrs. Punk'd achievement)
  2. The 70,000 (Pounds) expensive potato is not purchaseable from the trader.
Please refer here:

In best regards of myself.
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Grizzled Veteran
Sep 25, 2012
Cool - thanks!

Hopefully this sparks some more activity, things have seemed quiet the past month or two compared to the usual. :s

Now to raid the steam shop to see if there is anything I haven't already acquired that's on sale - woot!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 23, 2014
Did anyone purchase the KF Bundle that is selling for 12$?

If you did, could you please tell me if that bundle included 'Community Weapon Pack 2' or not because the list of DLC you acquire does not include that. However, when you go about purchasing the 'bundle' along with the individual 'Community Weapon Pack 2 DLC', you receive an error saying that your cart has duplicate DLC content so I am wondering if it is an error on who's part.



FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 30, 2014
Have anyone noticed most of DLC chracters pack's regular price went up to $8 from $2 and does anyone know why it's so overpriced just like weapons?


Active member
Jun 14, 2012
Brooklyn, NY
Have anyone noticed most of DLC chracters pack's regular price went up to $8 from $2 and does anyone know why it's so overpriced just like weapons?
This is probably due to the end of the sale? Probably to make sense of the "premium" single character DLC costing more then a 4 pack DLC.
5 bucks for 1 character or 2 bucks for 4?!

A majority if us here already have most of the characters, I myself could care less. The game is currently "inactive" and when Summer roles in (Or St. Patty day week ends), the new blood will never notice the change.

...or it could be a error, TWI does it a lot like their "10 seconds accidental sales".