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Hall Of Xperts clan is recruiting!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 30, 2010
Hi, we are a new clan, but we have very experienced and some new players here -all here to help eachother out. If you want to apply thats great, as we need a few. but you MUST HAVE POTENTIAL and USE TEAMWORK or you will be kicked.

Minimum Requirements:

#1. Be at least 15 years of age

#2. Must be level 4 in at least 2 classes

#3. Be a team player

#4. Be mature

#5. Be online alot (preferrably at least 8 hours per week) (with 168 in a week)

#6. Be able to complete hard(er) games ie: suicidal, hard (normal on a new map, just f**king around)

thanks, - {KFX}-ishmexy
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 18, 2010
i want in

i want in

all my friends stopped playing so im looking for a new group of players to game with i have all level 6 class's except for medic. i normally role demo or commando. if your interested hit me up on steam or whatever steam name is generalcarney. thanks =)


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 1, 2010
#1 - Nearly fiteen D:
#2 - Lvl 5 demo + medic + lvl 6 sharpie. (lvl 4 support and the others are at lvl 2 :<)
#3 - I like to go demolition and I try not to smokescreen the specimens. and with ramboing I die too much anyway.
#4 - I'll probably have to leave other people to decide.
#5 - Sure.
#6 - I play suicidal often, very fun

Note: This probably makes me not a very good candidate, as I'm Australian, and because of the time-zone difference (plus latency/ping/lag) I wouldn't be able to play with the group often.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 17, 2010
#1. 17, don't have a mic though.

#2. UPDATE: Now I'm 6 on eveything.

#3. Sure I am. My main class is medic so.

#4. I wonder how I can prove this.

#5. Can't promise this one. I've got college and stuff, but this week I get to be online a lot.

#6. I can bloody solo suicidal as berserk/medic/sharper.

Notes: I don't have a mic, and I've got a slow scottish connection provider temporarily.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 9, 2010
#1. 18
#2. lvl 6 sharp, lvl 5 support, lvl 4 demo, medic, levl 3 beserk, flame
#3. am
#4. am
#5. usually several hours a day
#6. play hard mostly but can do suicidal

hit me up if you wanna play


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 12, 2010
I guess this could be interesting.

#1. 19
#2. 5, 6, 6, 3, 3, 4, 6.
#3. Definitly
#4. I guess I'll let other people decide exactly how mature I am.
#5. ~1-4 hours on monday/thursday, Usually >6h on friday/sunday
#6. I usually play normal/hard but I don't see a problem with going suicidal(no pun intended).

Are you aiming for any kind of timezone for this 'clan'? Would be a bit rough to join a clan and finding out everyone are +/- 8 hours from your own timezone.

Got mic and am quite fluent in English, got a pretty good ISP so hosting temporary servers every now and then shouldn't be a huge problem.

Hit me up on steam(Frenetix) or send a PM if it seems interesting.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 14, 2010
#1) 18
#2) lv. 4 sniper, working to get medic up there too
#3) i'm one of the best team players i know. demos piss me off, but it's their fault i couldn't take down the (now) raging fp
#4) i don't post on 4chan
#5) i play too much as it is
#6) i only really play hard unless i want to school some people in normal

all in all, i know i don't quite have the perks for this, but as i said, i'm working on medic as well. I'm an exellent sniper, not an M14 spammer, and quite resourceful if i do say so myself. on bioticlabs, my team was being stupid, just weldoing doors and shooting through windows, so i left, unweldedme a way out of our fortress and went on a spree, ending with 100+ kills that round, basically solo. i even cleared out the door they were barricading behind and let them out.

oh yeah, demos annoy me, because of their annoying smoke and the fact that they decide to, without fail, launch a nade at a distant fp, do that it rages and i can't kill or even see it, and then ***** at me for not taking it down while it was leaping around the place raging. sorry for being unable to draw a bead on something that fast.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 20, 2009
Behind You!
Hmm I dont want to join the group but maybe I can meet you in game some day, I prefer playing with people who know what they are doing and so on. You American? You have a server?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 22, 2010
I want in.
1. 17
2. All perks Lv. 6 except medic (working on that)
3. I defend my teammates with my life and everything I do is mainly not for me, But for the whole team. I plan for the future so my past won't catch up with me!
4. Mature
5. I try to get on when I can, usually I do about 12 a week at the most
6. I'll do any difficulty, But i mainly do Suicidal and Hard, I've even played Poundimonium on Suicidal, Trust me is very hard BUT no impossible!

If you play on defence alot, I won't be able to make it because for some reason that level make me lag BIG TIME!

But other than that I'm good

Ace Unlimited