Had some fun team tanking. (And some gripes!)

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Jun 22, 2010
East Coast USA
Had a pretty enjoyable time tanking on Commisar's House just now, with a complete stranger as my gunner!

We did pretty well at our roles of taking care of the PZIV, and taking care of infantry. Although most of the time the PZIV shot us in our turret rotation and engine, we still did an effective job at taking it down every 3 out of 5 times.

I'd park, switch to the hull MG and mow all that I can see, and the PZIV only had one guy, so he didn't do much damage to our infantry. My gunner was a nice guy too, we communicated via mic and spotted tanks and AT rifles. Although in the end we lost. >:|

I still have a couple gripes about the tanks.

1: The selection for tanks still seems to be broken.

My friend wanted to be the hull MG on my T-34, I opened my tank up, and it didn't allow him in. I only had one other guy in my tank and the hull MG guy was open, yet there seemed to be no spot in my tank making the max # of people playing inside it 2 instead of 3. There should be a easier way for friends to join your tank.

2: Not many options

On most maps it's either "Go around to the left of this big house" or "Go around to the right of this big house" there really isn't much place to go, and once your drive for 5 seconds you're already in danger of getting hit by the enemy. This is obviously due to map size, the combined arms maps simply aren't large enough to have constructive tank battles, and in result the battles between tanks become quick and repetitive, since you'll just see that tank again in the next 15 seconds.

That's just my little rant on tanks, I wished they'd improve!!! (Although those armor changes are really nice!!!)